Global Washington Conference

Thursday Dec 6th, 2012

Port Facilities/Cruise Terminal Bell Harbor Conference Center Seattle, WA

Redefining Development: From Silos to Collective Impact

7:30-8:15am Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:15-8:30am Welcome

  • Bookda Gheisar, Executive Director, Global Washington
8:30-9:30am Morning Keynote

  • Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, Executive Director and Founder, Afghan Institute of Learning
  • Moderator: Julia Bolz
9:30-10:00am Speed Dating

  • Moderator: Derek Mathis
10:00-11:15am Plenary Panel: Redefining Development

  • Raymond C. Offenheiser, President, Oxfam America
  • Joe Whinney, Founder & CEO, Theo Chocolate
  • Amir Dossal, Founder and Chairman, Global Partnerships Forum
  • Moderator: Bill Clapp, Founder, Global Washington & Seattle International Foundation
11:15am-12:30pm Breakout Session: Identifying Collective Impact GoalsSession A: Opportunities to divide into groups by functions of our work:

  • Session A1: Program and Program Management
  • Session A2: CEOs and Leadership
  • Session A3: Fundraising and Development
  • Session A4: Communications, Marketing, Social Media

Session B: Opportunities to divide into groups by issue areas of our work:

  • Session B1: Policy and advocacy within the United States for international development
  • Session B2: Engaging the private sector in development
  • Session B3: Nurturing future leaders in global development
  • Session B4: Introducing international development topics in Washington state education.
  • Session B5: Technology to advance collaboration amongst the global development community in Washington State

Session C: Opportunities to divide into groups by regions of our work:

  • Session C1: Latin America (Central & South America)
  • Session C2: India
  • Session C3: Africa
  • Session C4: Asia
12:30-1:30pm Lunch and Award Presentation

Welcome & Presentation of Award:  Mike McGinn, Mayor, City of Seattle

Global Hero Award:  Therese Caouette

1:30-2:00pm Fast Pitch
Moderator: Will Poole, Board Member, Global Washington

  • Viva
  • Lumana
  • Global Sustainable Solutions, LLC
  • The Bali Fund and SE Asia Children’s Foundation
  • Water 1st
  • Days for Girls
  • Literacy Bridge
  • Lift Up Africa
  • International Development Exchange
  • IDRI
  • RenegAID – Innovative Disaster Relief
2:00-3:15pm Concurrent Panels: Session A: Evidence of Impact
Increasingly, donors and social impact investors are interested in funding programs with demonstrated impact. Demonstrating impact and adapting programs accordingly, however, can be a challenge: What counts as evidence? What can be done when impact is hard to establish, as when the value is intangible or long-term? When is a randomized controlled trial appropriate? When is it not? What are other options? How can costly large-scale evaluations be funded? What do you do when the evidence is ambiguous? In this session, these and other questions will be addressed by a multi-sectoral panel of speakers representing donor, academic, non-profit, and other communities.

  • Mary Kay Gugerty, Professor, University of Washington – Evans School of Public Affairs
  • Eric Stowe, Executive Director, Splash
  • Ritu Shroff , Senior Program Officer, MLE – Global Development, Gates Foundation
  • Srik Gopalakrishnan, Director – Strategic Learning and Evaluation, FSG
  • Moderator: Prema Arasu, Professor and Vice Provost, International Programs, Washington State University
2:00-3:15pm Session B: From Education to Empowerment: Transformational Strategies for Engaging Youth
At a time when the global youth population is the highest in history (1.4 billion under 30), millions of young people in the developing world regard education as a lifeboat that will carry them to economic safety. And yet formal education alone is not enough. Without a sense of personal agency, access to decision making and leadership, and opportunities to develop employable skills, newly educated youth can end up feeling disenfranchised and powerless to act. In this session, a cross section of thought leaders from education, nonprofit, and corporate sectors will share new strategies for connecting education with the most urgent needs of emerging economies, and for motivating and empowering youth to be entrepreneurs and agents of positive change.

  • Nina Marini, Group Marketing Manager, Microsoft
  • Peggy Taylor, Co-Founder & Director of Training, Partners for Youth Empowerment
  • Yvonne Thomas,  Senior Manager – Global Programs, Microsoft Corporate Citizenship & Public Affairs
  • Craig Kielburger, Co-Founder,  Free The Children and We to Me
  • Moderator: Victoria Jones, Associate Provost for Global Engagement, Seattle University
2:00-3:15pm Session C: Engaging Diasporas
Washington is a cosmopolitan state with a large population of immigrants and expatriates from all over the world. Many of them are active in supporting development efforts back home. What have they learned through their work? Do they experience accusations of “brain drain”? What can diasporas communities do most to benefit their home countries? How can development organizations collaborate with these communities? Residents of Washington who are involved in development activities in their countries of origin will discuss these and other questions.

  • Ezra Teshome, Rotary International
  • Mona Han, Coalition for Refugees from Burma
  • Son Michael Pham, Kids Without Borders
  • Moderator: Magdaleno Rose-Avila, Director-Office of Refugee Affairs, City of Seattle
Session D: Beyond CSR: How Corporations Are Making  Good Business Out of Innovative Development Solutions

Social entrepreneurship connotes a certain type of organization – start-up, scrappy, and resource-starved. However, some of the most effective business-led development is coming from large corporations who see new markets in tackling the old problems of poverty.  Through a form of “social intrapreneurship,”several Washington businesses have developed new products, services, and processes that have had a significant impact on communities stretching from Rwanda to Mozambique to Costa Rica to India. This panel would showcase a trio of individuals leading social innovation from inside their company, reflecting on how their transformative initiatives came to be embraced by corporate management, offering recommendations to other companies hoping to foster the same potentially transformative and providing insights on how to partner with these initiatives.

  • Alex Bernhardt, Vice President, Guy Carpenter
  • Terry Sweeney, Vice President – Global Clinical Affairs, Philips Healthcare
  • Arthur Karuletwa, Director of Traceability, Starbucks & Owner, Inzozi Coffee Traders
3:15-3:45pm Break
3:45-5:00pm Small Concurrent Sessions: “The Doctor Is In”
In these interactive, shorter sessions (two 35-minute sessions) attendees will gather in smaller groups to meet with experts and discuss questions related to their expertise and experience working in the nonprofit sector and/or global development. “The Doctor Is In” sessions do not include formal presentations. Rather, they focus entirely on exploring topics related to the presenter’s expertise. Most sessions will focus on topics related to how nonprofits and global development organizations function (i.e. social media, fundraising, etc), however some will focus on the experience of seasoned nonprofit leaders and unique situations they have encountered while working in the field. Many small workshops of varying size will allow for a variety of different activities in a more intimate format. Experts will provide targeted advice and mentoring on specific issues and in some cases, moderators will facilitate group activities towards targeted goals. Global WA member organizations will have an opportunity to propose sessions in advance of the conference. Conference participants will be asked to sign up for one session at registration, so that the organizers can assign an appropriately sized space for the session.

    1. Strategic Planning for Nonprofits- Angela Powell, Founder & Principal, Imago360, LL
    2. Everything You Want To Know About the Financial Health of Your Organization- Rob Fleming, CPA & Shareholder, Clark Nuber, P.S.
    3. Legal Issues Facing Nonprofits- Jeanette Lodwig, General Counsel, The Seattle Foundation
    4. Launch Your Fundraising To the Next Level: How To Create an Effective Plan – Rebecca Zanatta, Director of Development (Seattle), Friends of UNFPA & President, RJZ Connections, Inc.
    5. The Hard Slog: Doing Mundane But Meaningful Work in a World Seeking Sexy, Unique, and New  – Kentaro Toyama, Senior Researcher, UC Berkeley
    6. Future Changemakers: Advice on Careers in Global Development- Andre Truong, Senior Recruiter – Global Programs, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundatio
    7. Get Organized! Learn To Be More Effective At Your Work- Elizabeth Bowman, President  & Productivity Consultant, Innovatively Organized
    8. Time Suck or Time Well Spent? The Truth About Fundraising Events- Beth Castleberry, Chief Development Officer, Global Partnerships
    9. Building a Rockstar Board of Directors- Carolyn Cunningham, Impact Manager – Volunteer Initiatives, United Way of King County
    10. Navigating Media Relations- Jaime Quick, Director & Founder, ChangeUp
    11. Financial & Bookkeeping Do’s and Don’t’s for Nonprofits- Deby MacLeod, CPA & Senior Manager, Clark Nuber P.S.
    12. Motivating Individual Donors: Building a Loyal Base of Donors- David Wu, Chief Development Officer, PATH
    13. Small and Entrepreneurial: Tools to Build an Entrepreneurial Organization– Tiffany McVeety, Chief Economic Gardener, Girandola
    14. Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation for Nonprofits of Different Sizes- Ritu Shroff, Senior Program Officer – MLE, Global Development, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    15. Future Changemakers: Advice on Careers in Global Health- Molli Barnes, Global Staffing Manager, PATH
    16. The Wonderful World of Fundraising Through Technology for Nonprofits- Adnan Mahmud, Founder, Geocko
    17. Givers Go Abroad: Organizing Donor Trips- Teal Brown, Associate Director, williamsworks
    18. Advocacy 101: Understanding Advocacy and Policy Work for Your Organization- Jonathan Scanlon, Lead Organizer – Economic Justice, Oxfam America
    19. The Anatomy of A Social Sector Leader – Insights From an Executive Search Consultant- Melissa Merritt, Vice President – Executive Search Practice, Waldron
5:00-6:00pm Keynote: Call to Action & Closing

  • Closing:  Akhtar Badshah, Senior Director, Global Community Affairs – Microsoft
  • Keynote: Craig Kielburger, Co-Founder, Free The Children and We to Me
6:00pm Reception & Marketplace