The Pangea Experience

Member Experience

Pangea Giving members are part of a community passionate about supporting global grassroots change. We come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences but share a common belief that we are part of a global community and that a small group of people can change the world.

As a volunteer-led program, our members have a direct role in the work of running the program. Members help make decisions about grant funding, work directly with our grant partners, and plan and participate in community educational events. A small team of our members serve on our the Advisory Council to help with the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Members can participate as much or as little as they like and in any of the following ways:

Learn about global issues. Education is a central part of Pangea’s mission. We hold a variety of events for members and the broader community—from intimate discussions on books shaking up global philanthropy to larger expert panel discussions on the impacts of climate change in the communities where we work. Members can attend these events to learn or bring their own expertise to the table.

image Pangea Giving members at an event looking at the speaker
Participate in grantmaking pods. We support grassroots change through grantmaking. Our members are actively involved in every part of the grantmaking process: scouting potential grant partners, learning about the greatest needs and challenges of a community or region, reviewing grant applications and progress reports, and nurturing direct relationships with our grant partners. We believe that grantmaking should be an open and democratic process and we value building long lasting relationships.

Share passion and expertise. Pangea members bring their knowledge and experience with them to group conversations, supporting our grantees, and guiding the organization. We value and learn from the unique backgrounds of our members, including organizational consulting, law, finance and accounting, social work, and more.

Visit our grant partners. Each year, teams of Pangea members visit some of our grant partners to monitor their progress, build personal connections, and learn more about their challenges. During these site visits, we also scout out potential partners and report back on what is happening in the field to the entire Pangea community. By participating in site visits members help others become more informed about our partner organizations and the regional context.

image members sit in a circle outdoors around a tree and hear from students from the girls for leaders program in Kenya

Site Visits

Site visits are an important element of our partnership with grantees. They deepen our knowledge by providing opportunities to learn more about our partners and meet local community members. We gain insight into the political, social, economic, and environmental challenges these communities face. Spending time with grantees builds personal connections and understanding that strengthens our long-distance communication. While on site visits, members assess the leadership and staffing, review financial information, and confirm that grantees are following the grant guidelines and agreements. We often visit potential partners, as well. After the site visits, team members share their experiences and learning with other Pangea members through educational events, blogs, and at regional grant committee meetings.

This short video from our 2017 trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, highlights the impact of site visits for members and grant partners alike.

Recent Site Visits
Guatemala (virtual site visits)—July 2021
Oaxaca, Mexico—November 2019
Cambodia—March 2019
Myanmar—February 2019
Kenya, Uganda, Burundi—October 2018
Guatemala—January 2018

View photos of these and other site visits on the Pangea Giving Flickr page.

To become a member, visit our Pangea Giving Circle membership page.