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Responding to COVID-19 with Financial Inclusion Solutions

By Ed Cable, President
Mifos Initiative

A gathering of Mifos partners

A gathering of Mifos partners. Photo: Mifos

Governments everywhere are seeking to soften the blow to small and microbusinesses from the COVID-19 pandemic, and to provide transfer payments to the most vulnerable individuals. At Mifos, we’re intent on bringing open source technologies for financial inclusion to meet this moment. Read More

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Collaboration Enables Impact Investing Firm Capria to Support Thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, Even Amid a Global Pandemic

By Penny Carothers

Susana Garcia-Robles speaking

Susana Garcia-Robles speaking alongside Mexican fund managers on impact investment strategies.
Photo courtesy of Capria.

Early in her career Capria’s Susana Garcia-Robles was on the forefront of developing the private equity and venture capital markets in Latin America and the Caribbean while working with the Inter-American Development Bank. She recalls skeptical governments asking—so often she lost count—“[Is] innovation, entrepreneurship, and venture capital relevant to a region mired in poverty? Aren’t they just entertainment for rich young people?”

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Sasha Muench, Mercy Corps Country Director, Palestine

By Andie Long

Sasha Muench, a twenty-year veteran of the international humanitarian and development agency Mercy Corps, had seen more of the world before she was a teenager than most people do in a lifetime.

“For the formative years of my life, I was a nomad,” she says.

Both of Muench’s parents were development workers, trained in urban planning, and she and her sister grew up travelling across Africa and East Asia. She’s thankful her parents didn’t shield her and her sister from the realities of the places where they lived. “We did a lot of travelling, but always on a budget, very local. So I saw a lot of the world, and the grittiness of the world and the inequities.”

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Black Lives Matter

Statement from Global Washington

Black Lives Matter. We must raise our voices and do the even harder work that ensures our actions and our institutions reflect this truth. Global Washington members have been speaking out about the horrific racial injustices in the United States, including the killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis last week. The ongoing national protests against systemic racism and police brutality have sparked a global response – and the world is watching to see what we will do next. All of us need to stand against institutional racism and do everything in our power to dismantle it. We can and must do better.

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