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60 Decibels and Upaya Join Forces

As a component of the Quality Jobs Index, 60 Decibels is partnering with Upaya Social Ventures in the Dignified Jobs Collaborative.

By Shruti Goel from Upaya and Tripti Singh at 60 Decibels

The 60dB Quality Jobs Index aims to enable organizations and investors at the forefront of sustainability and social impact to understand the quality and impact of jobs they are providing.

For employees worldwide, their jobs continue to be an unrewarding experience that scarcely provides enough to get by. 80% do not feel engaged at work and the cost of disengaged employees is over $7.8 trillion to companies.

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Dalberg Advisors: Global Perspectives Rooted in Local Realities

By Tyler LePard

Smiling farmer in field

African farmer. Photo: Dalberg

Dalberg Group is “a global group of changemakers working to build a more inclusive and sustainable world where all people, everywhere, can reach their fullest potential.” Dalberg is the largest advisory firm globally dedicated to social impact, and its work with over 2,000 clients over the past two decades has spanned the waterfront of global development issues. The mission-driven firm has a deeply rooted presence in the Global South, with approximately 800 staff based in 30 offices across the world and serving clients in more than 90 countries. This gives them global perspectives that are firmly rooted in local realities.

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Greg Nelson, Chief Technology Officer, Opportunity International

By Amber Cortes

Opportunity Knocks: Pioneering Digital Transformation with Optimism

Greg NelsonGreg Nelson spent most of his career witnessing (and participating in) historic digital transformation. Now, he’s bringing it to the global development world.

Nelson started out at Microsoft in 1995, “which was basically when the internet as we think of it was just beginning,” he says.

At Microsoft, he managed to work in almost every department of the company in a wide variety of roles: engineering, partner and business development, marketing, and sales.

But in 2020, after 26 years at Microsoft, Greg Nelson was ready to close that chapter of his career and move on to other challenges.

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