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The Current Crisis in Nicaragua: If I Didn’t Know Any Better…

By Anna Pickett
Seattle International Foundation (SIF) Fellow; 2017 Fulbright Research Grantee to Nicaragua

March for the liberation of political prisoners

Marcha pro liberación de presos políticos. (March for the liberation of political prisoners). August 15, 2018. Photo credit: Jorge Mejía Peralta

Five Months of Resistance

Five months ago, I woke up in my apartment to the sounds of gunshots and teargas in the city of Managua, Nicaragua.

Thursday, April 19, after a night of intense repression of peaceful protests, pro-government groups and paramilitary forces associated with President Ortega killed three protesters, and as the days, weeks and months have continued, so has the bloodshed and chaos. Read More

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World Justice Project

By Joanne Lu

Ema Tapullima, the leader of the Amazon village Puerto Prado in Peru, wants future generations to be able to benefit from the native medicinal plants and animals in the rainforest that she grew up with.
Photo credit: Deborah Espinosa/WJP

Rule of law is the cornerstone of society. Though it’s not recognized, understood or appreciated enough, according to the World Justice Project, it is essential for development and human rights.

Bill Neukom, Microsoft’s first general counsel, was the president of the American Bar Association when he founded the World Justice Project in 2006. It began as a presidential initiative and evolved after his tenure into the independent nonprofit it is today, with offices in Washington, D.C., Seattle, Singapore and Mexico City.

The idea for the organization sprang from Neukom’s growing appreciation for rule of law as he traveled around the world for Microsoft and saw firsthand how important it was for development. Yet, not many people were working to promote it. There wasn’t even a clear definition for the term, as many people used it to mean many different things. Read More

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Americares Responds to Indonesia Earthquake

Stamford, Conn. – August 7, 2018 – Americares is responding to the 6.9-magnitude earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Lombok Sunday evening, toppling buildings, destroying roads and sending powerful aftershocks throughout the island. Indonesian officials are reporting more than 100 people have died, and more than 200 are injured. As many as 20,000 people are currently displaced and thousands more crowd outdoor areas as aftershocks continue throughout the region.

“Medical care is often one of the most urgent needs following a disaster of this magnitude,” said Americares Director of Emergency Response Brian Scheel. “Our emergency response experts are headed to the impact zone ready to help families affected by the devastating earthquake.” Read More →

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