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Tackling SDG10 Means Shifting Power and Profits

By Irit Tamir, Director of Oxfam America’s Private Sector Department

An apparel worker in Dhaka wears a face covering and maintains social distance from other workers as garment factories reopened amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: UN Women/Fahad Abdullah Kaizer via Flickr.

An apparel worker in Dhaka wears a face covering and maintains social distance from other workers as garment factories reopened amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo: UN Women/Fahad Abdullah Kaizer via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

COVID-19 has laid bare the deep inequalities our economic model has fostered and thus is a major threat in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 10 (reducing inequalities). Business has a role to play in achieving SDG 10—but a recent Oxfam report highlights how big corporations are exacerbating rather than reducing inequality.

While the global pandemic saw devastating jobs losses of 400 million, nearly have a billion people are expected to be further pushed into poverty. But not everyone is losing out – billionaires have seen their incomes rise as shares in big corporations saw their profits jump. Power, Profits and the Pandemic: From corporate extraction for the few to an economy that works for all found five ways in which corporations are exacerbating inequality.

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Covenant House Meets Vulnerability with Care

By Amber Cortes

Milbia weaving

Ana, a former resident of La Alianza in Guatemala, has successfully reintegrated with her family and is now practicing traditional weaving to earn income. Photo: Covenant House.

Covenant House is one of the oldest and largest charities in America dedicated to helping children and youth overcome homelessness and trafficking.  Though its roots are in Catholic social justice teaching, Covenant House serves all young people regardless of their backgrounds, religions, and beliefs.

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Mark Dasco, Director of Program Delivery Support for ChildFund International

By Joanne Lu

Mark DascoMark Dasco says that growing up in a poor family in a “far-flung village” in the Philippines taught him first-hand the realities of deprivation, exclusion, and vulnerabilities, but it also showed him just how resilient children and communities can be. But just because they are resilient doesn’t mean they should have to be.

Dasco is now the Director of Program Delivery Support for ChildFund International, and he works with country office teams around the world to implement strong core programs that advance the rights of children to education, survival, development, participation and protection. But throughout his decades-long career, he’s remained grounded in his home country, where his career began and where he continues to live.

As a child, Dasco says his parents always pushed him to study, because they saw education as the key to success and getting out of poverty. So when he started his career, he decided to become a high school teacher. He spent three years teaching English literature, world literature, Philippine literature, and world history. But after a couple years, a friend convinced him to apply for a position with a child sponsorship organization. He thought his main responsibility would be translating children’s letters to their sponsors into English. But to his surprise, when he got the job, he was assigned to a remote village to facilitate child-centered community development. There, he helped marginalized families organize and mobilize to promote their rights, demand the basic services they deserved, and participate in and benefit from development programs.

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PRESS RELEASE: Adara Development appoints Madeline Vaughan as new CEO

Adara Development is delighted to announce the appointment of Madeline Vaughan as its new CEO, effective 1 January 2020.

Madeline joined Adara eight years ago and has been an integral member of the organisation’s Global Leadership Team. Most recently, Madeline was Senior Programmes Director working across Adara’s maternal, newborn and child health and remote community development programmes.

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