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Microcredit Can Be a Life-Changer – But It Isn’t for Everyone

By Heather Targosz, Marketing & Communications Manager, Upaya

Employees sort waste at a Saahas Waste Management facility outside Bangalore, India

Employees sort waste at a Saahas Waste Management facility outside Bangalore, India. Photo courtesy of Upaya Social Ventures.

One person in every 10 is living in extreme poverty today, earning less than $1.90 per day. This figure has dropped significantly from 35% in 1990, but the issue remains a top priority of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Eradicating poverty (SDG 1) means finding more innovative, cost effective and scalable ways of reaching the last 10%.

Arguably, one of the more effective solutions to alleviating poverty in the past several decades has been microcredit, in which very small loans are extended to impoverished individuals. Microcredit has proven extremely effective in helping individuals, oftentimes women, become entrepreneurs. Given a microloan, a woman might be able to open a fruit stall at the market or sell handcrafted jewelry out of her home. When used properly, the potential of microcredit is remarkable and life-changing for those in poverty. But not everyone is a fit for microcredit. Read More

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A Different Kind of Capitalism: Einstein Rising Lifts Up African Social Entrepreneurs

By Amber Cortes

Einstein Rising’s final accelerator cohort of 2018

Einstein Rising’s final accelerator cohort of 2018. Photo provided by Einstein Rising.

Einstein Rising is shifting the philanthropic status quo to Africa beyond aid. An ambitious goal, to be sure, but then again, supporting ambitions is what this organization does best.

A Ugandan-based business accelerator for social entrepreneurs, Einstein Rising embraces African solutions to African problems. The founder, Alexis Chavez, developed an approach with her team that focuses on wealth creation with many positive ripple effects on entrenched issues.

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“The Advancer” Takes Impact to the Next Level

By Amber Cortes

Uma Sekar“The Advancer.” It sounds like the code name for a spy in an epic thriller blockbuster film—someone who brings all the mystery and intrigue to the plot. But instead, Uma Sekar solves mysteries—bringing rigorous datasets, illuminating metrics, and evaluative savvy to her role as “The Advancer” for global investment firm, Capria. Sekar develops and manages Capria’s impact strategy—helping fund managers and companies decipher the puzzles of how to make money by being sustainable, and making the world a better place.

“We recently changed the title,” she explains. “It always used to be “The Evaluator.” But it’s not just about creating evaluation methods, but actually doing something with them!”

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Bloodworks Northwest Names New President and CEO

Curt Bailey Begins as President & CEO at Bloodworks June, 2019


Bloodworks Northwest’s Board of Trustees has announced the appointment of Curt Bailey, MBA, as Bloodwork’s president and CEO

Curt Bailey, MBA, newly announced president & CEO of Bloodworks Northwest

Seattle, WA – Bloodworks Northwest’s Board of Trustees has announced the appointment of Curt Bailey, MBA, as Bloodwork’s president and CEO, succeeding James P. AuBuchon, MD who served in the position for 11 years. Curt Bailey, a leading expert in healthcare transformation, began his duties June 3, 2019, following Dr. AuBuchon’s retirement May 3, 2019.

“We are fortunate to have found such a capable individual to build on the legacy of Dr. AuBuchon’s extraordinary leadership in providing Bloodworks with a sound foundation to now pivot into an innovative future of improved blood health, providing the best care to everyone in our community and preserving the 75-year legacy of the organization,” said Craig Smith, MD, Chair, Bloodworks Board of Trustees. “I’m confident Bailey’s exceptional knowledge of the healthcare industry, business breadth and creativity will guide Bloodworks forward to a bold future in the evolving healthcare market.”

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