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Pat Garcia-Gonzalez Achieves the 2023 Global Hero Award

Pat Garcia-Gonzalez(Seattle, WA – November 16, 2023) Global Washington (GlobalWA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to support the global development community in Washington State, announced today that Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, Chief Executive Officer of The Max Foundation, will be recognized as the 2023 Global Hero.

Global Washington’s Board of Directors bestows a Global Hero award each year to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the global development community in Washington state. This is considered a life-time achievement award. This award is given to one person in our GlobalWA community who has shown years of dedication to improving lives in low- and middle-income countries.

Since 2011, GlobalWA has annually recognized Global Heroes for their dedication and achievement. Past Heroes have included Bill Gates Sr., Chris Elias, Jerilyn Brusseau, and Bill Neukom, amongst others.

The award ceremony will be during our 2023 Annual Goalmakers Conference on December 7 in Seattle at Bell Harbor Conference Center.

“Your extraordinary dedication to cancer survivors and overall health equity is a shining light and inspiration to others. The Max Foundation has thrived under your leadership and determination to reach those in need with practical approaches and cutting-edge innovation,” stated Kristen Dailey, Executive Director of GlobalWA.

Under her leadership, The Max Foundation has provided life-extending medication, treatment, and care to more than 100,000 patients for more than 20 years.  Pat is known for her passionate advocacy and dedication to providing access to treatment and diagnostics for people, especially the most vulnerable, living with cancer worldwide. Since its establishment in 1997, the foundation has grown from a website offering resources into a global model for providing access to diagnostics, treatment, medication, care, and social support. The Max Foundation today channels over 10 million doses of life-saving cancer treatment to patients each in 77 LMICs, partnering with a worldwide network of more than 500 physicians and 200 hospitals and medical institutions, as well as several local NGOs and patient associations. 

For questions about this announcement, please email Joel Meyers, Director of Communications of GlobalWA at

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Global Washington supports non-profit organizations, businesses, foundations, and academic institutions in Washington state working to improve lives in low- and middle-income countries. We connect, promote, and strengthen our members, increasing their impact and advancing a vibrant, innovative, multi-stakeholder network. Our work is driven by the desire to create a more equitable, healthy, and prosperous world. Learn more at


The Max Foundation is a leading global health nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating health equity. For 26 years, Max has pioneered practical, scalable, high-quality solutions to bring life-extending treatments and patient-centered health care to more than 100,000 people living with cancer and critical illness in low- and middle-income countries. Max believes in a world where all people can access high-impact medicines, where geography is not destiny, and where everyone can strive for health with dignity and with hope. Learn more at

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