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How to Scale Global Conservation

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Partnerships are key to driving large-scale investment in the world’s natural capital

by Seth Olson, Analyst, Innovation

In 2014, Credit Suisse released a groundbreaking report that called attention to the 250-350 billion dollar funding gap in the conservation of natural resources. Several entrepreneurs, impact investors, and donor organizations reframed this gap as an opportunity. They began driving capital toward conservation and regenerative enterprises in their communities and across the globe.

Five years later, the growth of the conservation finance industry has led to better data analysis—and more sophisticated models. Organizations are realizing that they can amplify their impact by working together, rather than trying to take deals from start to finish on their own. Moving forward, it is partnerships that will accelerate the conservation finance industry’s growth.​

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Could a New Global Treaty End Violence Against Women and Girls?

By Joanne Lu

What would happen if every country in the world were legally bound by a comprehensive international treaty against all forms of violence against women and girls? The Every Woman Treaty intends to find out.

The project was launched in 2013 under the name “Everywoman Everywhere” by a global group of women’s rights activists, who determined that there is a large gap in international law regarding the protection of women and girls.

Certainly, the United Nations’ (UN) 1979 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, 1993 Declaration on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and 2000 Convention against Transnational Organized Crime have all pushed the conversation forward in important and significant ways. But amid the limitations of those existing declarations and conventions, the group saw the urgent need for a legally binding global treaty that holds countries accountable for all forms of violence against women.

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Veronica Fynn Bruey, Affiliated Faculty Member at Seattle University School of Law

By Amber Cortes

Veronica Fynn Bruey

Photo provided by Veronica Fynn Bruey.

“Freedom,” Jean-Paul Satre once wrote, “is what we do with what is done to us.” Professor, lecturer, and award-winning scholar, Veronica Fynn Bruey, has faced some of the most challenging hardships one can imagine: poverty, war, displacement, racism, and violence. Through it all, she found the strength—through her mother, her own personal motivation, her community, and her work, to not only achieve success for herself, but also to help others—specifically victims of human trafficking—find the freedom and protection they deserve.

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Bloodworks Northwest Names New President and CEO

Curt Bailey Begins as President & CEO at Bloodworks June, 2019


Bloodworks Northwest’s Board of Trustees has announced the appointment of Curt Bailey, MBA, as Bloodwork’s president and CEO

Curt Bailey, MBA, newly announced president & CEO of Bloodworks Northwest

Seattle, WA – Bloodworks Northwest’s Board of Trustees has announced the appointment of Curt Bailey, MBA, as Bloodwork’s president and CEO, succeeding James P. AuBuchon, MD who served in the position for 11 years. Curt Bailey, a leading expert in healthcare transformation, began his duties June 3, 2019, following Dr. AuBuchon’s retirement May 3, 2019.

“We are fortunate to have found such a capable individual to build on the legacy of Dr. AuBuchon’s extraordinary leadership in providing Bloodworks with a sound foundation to now pivot into an innovative future of improved blood health, providing the best care to everyone in our community and preserving the 75-year legacy of the organization,” said Craig Smith, MD, Chair, Bloodworks Board of Trustees. “I’m confident Bailey’s exceptional knowledge of the healthcare industry, business breadth and creativity will guide Bloodworks forward to a bold future in the evolving healthcare market.”

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