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Reviving Millets: A Climate and Nutrition-Smart Cereal

By Debika Goswami, Senior Program Lead, S M Sehgal Foundation

Farmer in his millet farm

Farmer in his millet farm in Nuh, Haryana, India. Photo: S M Sehgal Foundation

In the culinary history of India, the existence of millets, also known as nutri-cereals, can be traced back to 4500 BC, which indicates it was an integral part of local food cultures for centuries. However, millet varieties were referred to as coarse grains in the post-Green Revolution phase in the later twentieth century. They were rapidly replaced by their more-refined counterparts, wheat and paddy, as significant staples in the agricultural landscape of India. With the marginalization of millets as a staple on consumers’ plates, its cultivation also became less cash remunerative. Hence, millet’s share in the total grain production of India gradually decreased from 40 to about 20 percent.

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Beyond Bedtime Stories: How Worldreader and BookSmart are Revolutionizing Reading for Children Everywher

By Amber Cortes

Woman and child reading

Worldreader eN-READ project in India – Worldreader empowers caregivers to support their child’s reading journey at home, school, and beyond. Photo: Worldreader

Think about your favorite book from your childhood – did you read it with your family before bedtime? Or maybe at your school’s book club?

For many children in the US and around the world, accessing inspiring and unforgettable stories isn’t easy. Time and resources aren’t enough to support the foundational reading they need to reach their potential. And too often, parents and caregivers lack confidence in their own reading skills to promote reading at home.

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Q and A with Rachel Hartgen, Senior Director, Education and Adolescent Empowerment, Program Strategy & Impact, CARE

By Joel Meyers

Rachel HartgenWhen thinking about Education and Gender Equality, we are reminded of the amazing history and current strides CARE is making in defeating poverty, saving lives, and achieving social justice across the globe. Since 1945, CARE has been helping marginalized peoples and communities, and in 2022 alone, CARE and partners worked in 111 countries implementing 1,600 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects and initiatives that reached 174,000,000 people. Crucial to these efforts is their Education & Work programs where they believe “Education and the right to work are the most powerful tools in overcoming extreme poverty.”

We were very fortunate to be able to connect with Rachel Hartgen, Senior Director, Education and Adolescent Empowerment, Program Strategy & Impact at CARE where her team supports their country offices and other CARE Member Partners in designing and implementing education and adolescent empowerment (EAE) programming. Rachel responded to our questions from her office in Denver, CO.

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Mona Foundation Featured in 425 Business: Positive Impact

In the July/August 2022 issue of 425 Business, Positive Impact section, the Mona Foundation is featured!

“Bellevue’s Mona Foundation, through a decolonized approach to giving, strives to improve lives, communities, and countries by supporting global partners focused on education – especially of young girls”

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