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Q&A with Dr. Tom Uldrick, Deputy Head of Global Oncology at Fred Hutch

Dr. Tom Uldrick, Deputy Head of Global Oncology at Fred Hutch

Dr. Tom Uldrick, Deputy Head of Global Oncology at Fred Hutch. Photo by Robert Hood/ Fred Hutch.

In advance of World Cancer Day, Global Washington interviewed Dr. Tom Uldrick, the new deputy head of Global Oncology at Fred Hutch.

What led you to research the intersection of cancer and HIV/AIDS?

I did my medical training in New York City during the period when antiretroviral therapy was revolutionizing medicine. During my premed years, it worked in a large HIV organization and observed firsthand how advances in science could alter the course of an epidemic. During my residency and fellowship at Columbia University, I was inspired by many great mentors and leaders in the field of HIV and cancer, including Scott Hammer, Riccardo Dalla-Favera, Wafaa El-Sadr, Al Neugut, and Salim and Quarraisha Abdool Karim. My fellowship culminated in a Kaposi sarcoma research project in South Africa – that was the start of my research career in the field of HIV and cancer. Read More

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Fair Trade USA

Empowering Women, One Fair Trade at a Time

By Arielle Dreher

Fabiola Lauro

Fabiola Lauro, 33, from Imuris, Mexico, smiles inside the “Fair Trade Store”. Fabiola, a mother of two, has been working at Wholesum since 2012. Currently employed as a manager in the seedling section, she was elected as president of the Fair Trade Committee in 2016. Photo: James A. Rodriguez. © 2016 Fair Trade USA.

A thoughtful model and a little bit of encouragement is sometimes all that is needed to empower women in potentially intimidating workspaces. Or at least for Fabiola, this was the case.

Fabiola worked at a vegetable greenhouse in Sonora in northern Mexico when the farm decided to become Fair Trade certified. Fabiola, one of thousands of workers, was elected to be a representative on her farm’s Fair Trade Committee. She was shy and hesitated to speak in front of others. As a part of the committee, she received training and learned how to negotiate and represent her fellow co-workers’ concerns. Read More

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Crosscut (Opinion): To solve WA’s measles epidemic, look to Africa

by Emily Bancroft / February 1, 2019

As a mom who spends most of her waking hours thinking about how to improve health around the world, I’ve never thought twice about whether I vaccinate my son. I know that not all of my neighbors in the Seattle area feel this way, but the decision for me is rational. Vaccines are safe, they prevent disease, and they are relatively low cost and easy to obtain.

It may be easier when, in my work with a nonprofit dealing with health systems in Africa, we are reminded constantly that deaths of children under 5 have dropped nearly 60 percent worldwide since 1990, and vaccines are a major contributor to this progress.

Yet Washington state suffers one of the lowest measles vaccination rates in the United States – below that of many low- and middle-income countries. Last Friday, Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency in response to more than two dozen confirmed cases of measles in our state.

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