Grant Partners: East Africa

Child Empowerment Programme

Located in southeast Uganda, Child Empowerment Program (CEP) works to create a community in which all vulnerable children are able to reach their full potential in life by providing educational, civic and economic opportunity. Pangea’s 2023 funding will support the completion of the new vocational training center for local youth who are unable to attend regular high school in order for them to gain employable skills. Funds will also support vocational staff training.

Partner since 2018
2023 Grant Award: $9,500

Visit the CEP Uganda website
Read our interview profile of CEP

Ewang’an Olosho Le Suswa

A return of one of Pangea’s former partners, Ewana’an will continue their work with vulnerable boys by increasing domestic income to reduce pressure on boys to drop out of school. Theory of change with this project is by supporting small scale business (e.g. beadwork, cone farming, table banking) will increase household income and food security.

Partner since 2021
2023 Grant Award: $3,000

Playmakers Theatre

Playmaker Theater’s “Wezesha Dada” (Empower A Woman) project will equip young and middle-aged women with life skills to empower themselves to realize their full potential socially, economically, and politically. The training sessions (in and out of school), will address issues such as self-esteem, economic inhibitions, sexual and gender-based violence, inadequate legislative representation and stereotyping. A mentorship program will also be conducted by Playmaker’s staff, trained in life skills education and coaching. The project will also include theatre activities in which actors prepare skits that address gender issues and facilitator-led interludes with discussion on possible solutions to the challenges posed by the skits. 2023 funds will continue to support these activities.

Partner since 2019
2023 Grant Award: $6,900

Solidarity Eden Foundation

Renewed funds will be used to expand the Women on Wheels program to equip 100 refugee women to gain financial independence: extensive tailing and business training combined with mentoring, mental health support and internships with established tailors. This is a comprehensive program ameliorating the trauma of refugee reality with training and gainful employment.

Partner since 2019
2023 Grant Award: $5,000

Visit the Solidarity Eden Foundation website

Ufanisi Women’s Group

Ufanisi Women’s Group (UWG) serves extremely poor, vulnerable rural women and girls in Bungoma County, Western Kenya. Funds will be used to continue mentoring 20 original households with donated one-acre plots of potato vine planting and harvesting, including training in multipurpose uses of vines and establishing marketing strategies.

Partner since 2018
2023 Grant Award: $5,600

Women In Sustainable Enterprise

WISE was founded to address economic uncertainty and sexual exploitation of women fishmongers in wetland villages around Lake Victoria by promoting environmentally sustainable enterprises that empower women and strengthen the community. Funds will support the continuation of digital literacy skills for grassroot women in WiseHub to facilitate social media tools for business. Grant will also contribute to WISE summit for all 120 alumni girls to share learning experiences, with the presence of experts in leadership, sexual and reproductive health, career and counseling.


Partner since 2019
2023 Grant Award: $5,000

Visit the WISE website

East Africa Leadership Forum

Based on our East Africa partner interest, in 2016 we set aside some funds from our our grant pool to help our partners come together in Kenya, in what we called the East Africa Leadership Forum (EALF).The intention from the start was that the forum belonged entirely to the leaders, who would structure and facilitate the meeting to suit their needs. In 2016, two long-time Pangea members, who have decades of experience with leadership development, helped launch the forum in the spirit of conferring ownership to the group. Since that time EALF has been planned and run solely by Pangea’s partners, without donors present, and continues to meet every year. This year EALF will be hosted at Common Ground (previous Pangea partner) with a lengthen forum dates.

Program since 2016
2023 Grant Award: $3,000

Recent Past Partners

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