Conference 2009

A Blueprint for Action

On December 7th, 2009 Global Washington hosted its first annual conference, “A Blueprint for Action”. The conference brought together the private, non-profit and philanthropic sectors to build the next chapter of our common global future. Participants spent several hours identifying the priorities for the sector. Global Washington received a tremendous amount of feedback about the most urgent needs facing the sector today. We at Global Washington are thrilled with the success of our first annual conference.

IMG_0723PressReleaseMaxOver 300 people participated in the day’s events, engaging in lively discussions and sharing strategic approaches for strengthening cross-sector collaboration among Washington State’s dynamic global development community.

We would like to give a special recognition to our panelists, moderators, and speakers who kept us engaged and inspired throughout the day— we’ve received rave reviews from attendees, many citing the quality of these articulate and thought-provoking presenters as the highlight of the event. Thank you to everyone who attended and, most of all, thank you for your insights and contributions to our Blueprint for Action.

Inspiration from Global Washington Conference

December 7, 2009

IMG_0665Nick Kristof: “Since I’ve been more engaged in the development space I’ve been so impressed by the work here in Washington State. This really is the center of development, whether it is the Gates Foundation or World Vision or PATH or RDI or so many other groups doing amazing work, and what they’re bringing to the space isn’t just a lot of dollars, but a new and smart sensibility that is rippling through the whole humanitarian world.”

IMG_0678“I think leadership comes from the American public as a whole and when they hold their leaders’ feet to the fire, then you begin to see leaders leading on these issues. One of my hopes is that we will begin to see something of a social movement that will call for more emphasis being made on women’s issues, whether it’s girls’ education, maternal mortality, whatever it may be and create a real political incentive for leaders in Washington to respond to that call.”

“If we could see our efforts more as supporting local efforts and doing more listening and being the sherpas for local people to bring about change within a culture, we would accomplish so much more.”

IMG_1037Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley: “I’ve met with so many passionate people who care about strengthening the global development sector. But you really have created something special here. Through this network, you are promoting the global development sector in the state of Washington in ways that make your group a model that others are noticing, learning from, and replicating.”

IMG_1034“Just as no nation can wall itself off from the world, no one nation — no matter how large, no matter how powerful — can meet these challenges alone. Nor can governments alone. Today’s threats demand new partnerships across sectors and across societies — creative collaborations to achieve what no one can accomplish alone. In short, we need a new spirit of global partnership.

Photos by Nancy Levine