Global Education News – February 24, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti:  Effects on Education

The Center of University and Professional Learning in Port-au-Prince was  destroyed by the Jan. 12 earthquake. Photo courtesy of New York Times

The Center of University and Professional Learning in Port-au-Prince was destroyed by the Jan. 12 earthquake. Courtesy of New York Times

It has been over a month since the earthquake in Haiti.  Below, we have collected various resources to gain insight into the state of education in Haiti.

Education was also leveled by quake in Haiti

The NY Times reports on a student who was in class at the State University of Haiti when the earthquake hit, as well as the many other educational facilities, universities, and schools that were affected by the earthquake. The article depicts the negative impact that the earthquake has had on the current and future leaders and students of Haiti.

Update on Haiti’s Education System after the Earthquake

This blog provides a quick update on the current education situation in Haiti from Bob Prouty, head of the Education for All: Fast Track Initiative Secretariat.  The situation is quite dire; many Ministry of Education officers were killed during the quake.

Haiti Education Foundation (HEF) Update

Founded in 1981, HEF began with one school and now reaches over 12, 040 students in over 34 elementary schools, 7 high schools, and a vocational school. The Haiti Education Foundation is a Christian education organization providing learning opportunities to Haitian children in Haiti. Many of HEF’s schools were damaged during the earthquake, and the organization is currently organizing to rebuild their schools and fundraising to repair other schools where enough funds many not be available.

Haitian Education System ‘totally collapsed’

This article by AsiaONE includes statistics as well as personal stories of those affected by the damage and destruction of schools by the earthquake.  The Minister of Education also shares his thoughts on the crisis.

Earthquake Update

H.E.L.P., which is Haiti’s largest university scholarship program, is a non-profit organization promoting the best students in Haiti with scholarships and opportunities to excel in their individual fields. It too suffered greatly because of the earthquake. H.E.L.P. has set up a temporary headquarters and has found that many of the students whom they were providing scholarships for have been found in collapsed buildings.

Hope for Haiti

Founded in 1990, Hope for Haiti acknowledges that Haiti is one of the poorest countries, with an educational system sometimes categorized as a “failed education system.”  Hope for Haiti is working to change this.  In the last four weeks, they have “delivered and distributed over $20 million in supplies to the affected areas,” but have yet to comment regarding moving forward with education in light of the recent disaster.

-Submitted by  Kelly Thoma