Past Annual Conferences

Our global development community is dedicated to transformational change, improving the lives of people worldwide. Collaboration is more important than ever. Together, we are powerful.

Global Washington seeks to foster collaboration in our community and to forge new alliances, eliminate duplication of effort and amplify our impact globally for the benefit of all.

Our annual conferences gather top NGO practitioners, CSR business executives, research experts, philanthropists and others working on global issues to explore how our region can best harness resources to tackle today’s most challenging issues, in issues such as global health, the environment, poverty alleviation and global education, among others.

We aim to give all members of the global development community in Washington state an equal say in setting priorities for our sector’s work. With this unified voice, we can better communicate about our mission, influence decision-makers and effect large-scale change throughout the world.

Past Conferences

Conference 2016Allies for Action

Conference 2015Disruptive Development

Conference 2014Smarter Approaches to a Changing World

Conference 2013Catalyzing Collective Impact

Conference 2012Redefining Development: From Silos to Collective Impact

Conference 2011 Opportunities and Obstacles in Turbulent Times

Conference 2010Bridges to Breakthroughs: How Partnerships and Innovation are Changing the World

Conference 2009A Blueprint for Action