2020 GlobalWA Global Hero

Tazin Shadid
Founder, Spreeha Bangladesh

Tazin ShadidTazin is on a mission to build a world inspired by the culture of innovation, one which nurtures limitless opportunities for all. A practitioner of Human Centered Design for almost 20 years, Tazin spent 10 years at Microsoft as a Senior Design Strategist where he focused on bridging the gap between technology, users, and engineers, and helped develop innovative products and services.

Tazin is the founder of Spreeha, a non-profit that designs creative solutions to some of the toughest social issues of our times. He has also co-founded multiple startups such as AmarLab, neofarmers, Spider Digital, Cholo Shobai, and Druto Sheba.

Tazin also works with global brands in consulting and advisory roles on topics related to human-centered design, UX/CX, leadership, organizational strategy, entrepreneurship, non-profit management, public health, and more.

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