Martin Coles – CEO – HaloSource

Martin Coles is the CEO of HaloSouce, a Global Washington member.

By David Brett

Martin Coles is the CEO of HaloSource, the global water purification technology solutions company and one of eleven founder member companies of the Social Stock Exchange.

Coles is acutely aware of his responsibilities to the company he runs and to the world around him. His company can help prevent disease and premature death by using the innovative and patented technologies the team of HaloSource chemists, biochemists and microbiologists develop to clean the water we drink. In his words, his company is “acting as a steward for earth’s most valuable resource through being a relentless innovator in the chemistry of water purification.” But it is the desire to make a difference to the lives of the people that his company serves that also motivates Coles and helps to define the HaloSource business. He wants to make sure that difference is sustainable so the positive impact can still be felt long into the future through the multinational companies HaloSource partners with around the world.

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