Jim Kolbe on Foreign Aid Reform: Is Congress the Best Hope?

Jim Kolbe, from the German Marshall Fund website

Jim Kolbe, former republican member of Congress and foreign aid champion, wrote on the German Marshall Fund’s blog that Congress may be the best hope for foreign aid reform.  He points out that with all the delays in releasing the QDDR (the State Department’s review of development & diplomacy) and the appearance of major disagreement on aid reform principles between the White House, State Department, and USAID, Congress has an opportunity to take the helm and make aid reform actually happen.

Jim Kolbe is not the only one who senses the promise of reform leadership from Congress.  Last week, his MFAN comrade Larry Nowels gave a talk on the foreign aid process here at Global Washington, and he cited agreement among key players in Congress as one of the reasons why the time is ripe for foreign aid reform.