Policy News Roundup – Clinton vs Congress, Spinning the Haiti Crisis, and more


Clinton combats Congress on foreign aid reform

Brookings blog gives Obama a B- for his work on global development in 2009, and wonders if Shah will preside over an “agency without agency” in 2010.

Rajiv Shah was sworn in as USAID administrator on January 12th

Steve Radelet of the Center for Global Development and “father of the Millennium Challenge Corporation” is under consideration for top development advisor position at the State Department.

Renowned International Economist Jagdish Bhagwati reviews Dambiso Moyo’s controversial book, Dead Aid

William Easterly has edited a new book, along with Jessica Cohen, What Works in Development, published by Brookings.



Is the recent US government assistance to Haiti more military intervention than humanitarian response?

On the bright side, Haiti could transform itself after quake

Want to help Haiti?  Let the Haitians stay here longer

To Help Haiti, End Foreign Aid

According to the Austrian school economists, a market-based recovery is the only way Haiti will transform itself



CGD Paper finds that educating girls has a positive impact on a country’s ability to adapt to extreme weather.

Post-Copenhagen perspectives from developing country participants

Water wars may be imminent for India and Pakistan