Fast Pitch: Taking Risks to Change the World

Mark fast pitch presentation.

Mark Horoszowski, co-founder and CEO of GlobalWA member, gives a Fast Pitch presentation at the 2015 Global Washington conference.

Guidance for Fast Pitch/PowerPoint Presentations:

1. You have 2 minutes. 2 minutes is a hard stop – not a goal. Do not try to tell your entire story.

2. When creating your PowerPoint, set the slide size to widescreen (16:9 ratio). We suggest 5-10 slides.

3. Think powerful images! Better not to have any text at all. If you must, make sure font size is at least 24 point.

4. You must use the transition controls for slides to advance automatically. The total presentation should be 2 minutes and each slide should be set to “advance slide after” a particular number of seconds, with these seconds adding up to the 2 min. You will not have a clicker.

5. Your first goal is to communicate clearly so the audience remembers who you and your organization are, what your mission is, what you do, why it matters, and what you might want from them (Partnering? Awareness?)

6. Your second goal is to make the right people in the audience desperately want to find you after the pitches to learn more.

7. PRACTICE. Practice in front of a webcam and then watch yourself. Practice in front of your colleagues and friends. Practice what you’ll say while your PowerPoint runs. Make sure what you say is coordinated with your auto-transition slides. Practice some more!

Selected to pitch? Things you need to know:

1. If you haven’t already registered for the June 9 event, please do so here.

2. If you have questions, concerns, want someone to practicing pitching to, want someone to look at your slide deck, etc., contact

3. Email your PowerPoint presentation to no later than Monday, May 16.

4. Attend a practice training session with Will Poole at 5:30pm on Wednesday, May 18 at the Impact Hub (220 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104). All Fast Pitchers will do their presentations in front of the group and Will will provide feedback.

5. Stay tuned for further instruction to pitchers about a possible walk-through of the event space as well as day-of arrival information.

How about some examples?

Click here to watch video footage of a series of Fast Pitch presentations from a past Global Washington conference.

Power Point Examples.

A few examples of Fast Pitch PowerPoint presentations used at the 2015 Global Washington conference: