Refugee Youth: A Force for Change

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Youth in refugee camps have two choices: to let the stress of a life in crisis put them at risk of making harmful and dangerous choices, or to focus on building a future of peace and stability.

Omar al-Tal, program manager with Mercy Corps Jordan.

Omar Al-Tal, a Youth Program Leader in Jordan, believes in the incredible potential of young people today. Omar works in Mercy Corps’ youth centers to provide academic support, teach skills like English and computers, and coach youth in life skills like communication, goal setting, and teamwork. The centers offer a sense of stability.

Please join us at Global Washington in Seattle on May 8 for a discussion with Omar on the opportunities and challenges these young people face as they approach the next phase of their lives, and hear his vision for how war is shaping the next champions for peace.

“When adolescents and youth have a vision they will dedicate their life to achieving it,” Omar says. “So our role basically is to help them build that vision, to help them to know themselves more, and to help them know the value that they have.”

Refreshments provided.

Free. Space is limited. Registration is required.


Global Washington

May 8, 2018

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Westlake Tower 1601 Fifth Ave, Suite 1900
Seattle WA 98101

Members: FREE. Space is limited. Registration Required
Non-Members: FREE. Space is limited. Registration Required

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