Mona Foundation Featured in 425 Business: Positive Impact

In the July/August 2022 issue of 425 Business, Positive Impact section, the Mona Foundation is featured!

“Bellevue’s Mona Foundation, through a decolonized approach to giving, strives to improve lives, communities, and countries by supporting global partners focused on education – especially of young girls”

Rainn Wilson, actor and spokesperson for the Mona Foundation, says of Mona’s founder and leader, Mahnaz Javid, “Her wisdom around the topic and the issues is absolutely extraordinary.”

Read the full article (PDF).

Also quoted is our very own Kristen Dailey, Executive Director of Global Washington.

Read this wonderful tribute to Mahnaz Javid: UW’s Undergraduate Women in Business Association Names Woman of the Year.

Learn more about the Mona Foundation and read their annual report.

The Mona Foundation, founded in 1999, and a Global Washington member since 2009, supports grassroots initiatives that provide education to all children, empower women and girls, and enable them to transform their own communities. In 2020, with transition to online education, they supported the education of 2,286,575 students in 19 projects in 12 countries including US, Haiti, Panama, Brazil, India, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Gambia and Sierra Leone.