BRIGHT SIDE: Helping Girls Everywhere

TWO years ago, North Lambton resident Gloria Buttsworth had a visit from her friend, Lois Ford, who runs a children’s home, Tender Trust, in Kitgum in far-northern Uganda.

The two got talking about the girls in the home and in particular their hygiene needs.

The sad fact is that most cannot afford sanitary products, and this deficiency creates a vicious cycle of impoverishment.

“When the girls have their period, they simply don’t go to school,” Gloria explained.

“They then get behind and then stop going to school altogether.”

“And then, if they don’t go to school, they are considered eligible for marriage and so they get pregnant.”

The question occurred to Gloria: “What can I do?”

BRIGHT SIDE: Helping Girls Everywhere | By Simon Walker | January 13, 2014