GlobalWA Urges Help for the Philippines

Global Washington sent out a press release today announcing the work that organizations in Washington State are doing in the Philippines after the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, the strongest ever to make landfall on the planet.

Organizations such as Oxfam America, Mercy Corps, UNICEF, World Vision, Save the Children, Peace Winds America, International Rescue Committee, and OFFERS-Panay are looking for much-needed donations to provide aid to those affected by the typhoon.  According to the UN, around 11.3 million people have been affected by Haiyan, with over 670,000 people displaced.  USAID states that the official death toll is at 1,774 as of November 11, 2013, with some projections estimating up to 10,000.

Assistance is needed in immediate food and clean water.  Many organizations are working on the ground providing access to food, water, and shelter in addition to medical care.  With so many people affected by Typhoon Haiyan, these organizations need help providing this assistance.  Post-typhoon construction will begin immediately and donations are needed to help bring electricity and telecommunications to areas that were hardest hit.

Global Washington Executive Director, Bookda Gheisar adds, “Washington State members are working to provide these much needed resources and assistance, and we ask for people to provide what they can to aid the efforts done by these organizations.”