Save the Children Brings Hope to Syrians

In light of the seemingly hopeless situation in Syria, Global Washington, an organization that catalyzes critical collaborations among other global development organizations, leaders and citizens of Washington State, would like to highlight the amazing work of one member organization, Save the Children.

At just nineteen months-old, Syrian child Sham muttered her first word: “enfijar” meaning “explosion,” according to Save the Children’s “Childhood Under Fire” report on the civil war’s effects on children in the region. Children throughout Syria have been traumatized by constant shelling of their cities, watching their schools and homes crumble, losing loved ones and fearing for their own lives. Many children are sick and cannot find any open hospitals. Many have fled to refugee camps in neighboring countries like Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Others find it too dangerous to flee by walking on the streets. One study cited in Save the Children’s report claimed three in every four Syrian children interviewed had lost a loved one, two in three had been in a situation where they felt in great danger, and one in three had been hit, kicked, or shot at. Numerous Syrian children both within and outside Syria, are going hungry. It is safe to say that the children of Syria need help, and that’s why Save the Children has been doing everything they can to ensure the safety and continued development of children throughout the region.

Save the Children Brings Hope to Syrians | By Emma McKay | August 22, 2013