Congressman Smith, Senator Murray Warn Against Military Action in Syria

With the debate surrounding a US Strike against the current regime in Syria, Washington’s globally-minded political leaders advocate for extreme caution in making decisions that hold the “possibility of entangling our nation in a long, drawn-out conflict.”

Yesterday, Washington Representative and top Democrat of the House Armed Services Committee Adam Smith [WA-9] issued a press release on United States involvement in Syria.  Along with other congressional Democrats including Washington Senator Patty Murray, Smith warns of United States entering Syria militarily in any sense should not be approached hastily, “Military action could have significant consequences and there is no guarantee that it would improve the situation or promote a positive outcome.”

Next week the United Nations will release its report on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government and from that any type of decision will be based.  Senator Patty Murray joins the views of Congressman Smith in calling for no immediate actions, she said “The use of chemical weapons, as well as conventional weapons, on innocent civilians in Syria is abhorrent and must end, however, as the recent past has taught us, we must be exceedingly cautious in making any decision that holds the possibility of entangling our nation in a long, drawn-out conflict.”

Foreign Allies like the United Kingdom, France, and Canada, are condemning the use of chemical weapons that lead to the deaths of hundreds of Syrian civilians, yet are stopping short of immediate military action.  After calling for a special session of Parliament, British Prime Minister David Cameron called for military action against the government of Syria, yet from opposition of the Labour Party, have decided against any military attack at this time.

President Obama has yet to comment on what path the United States will take.  Next week he will be attending the G20 Summit in Russia, who has been one of the only international supporters of Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria.

Politicians within the United States have asked President to engage Syria militarily to force a regime change to oust Assad from power, yet as Congressman Smith warns, “any potential use of military force will have long-term costs and will put our troops in harm’s way.  Simply lashing out with military force under the banner of “doing something” will not secure our interests in Syria.”