Dr. Is In! Developing your case and messaging: Stand out for what you stand for!

By Zahra Emrani

The third Global Washington’s 2013 capacity-building workshop was held on April 24 with a session on “Developing your case and messaging.” The lunchtime presentation was lead corporately by Sean Dimond director of External Relations at Pilgrim Africa and Joy Portella president of Minerva Strategies. Sean took participants through the general concepts and frame work of case and messaging and Joy presented case studies of her past works. At the end Sean took participants through taking a case and applying the conceptual theme that been discussed earlier to create a clear and powerful message.

Participants included representatives from the Days for Girls, Prosthetics Outreach Foundation and other GlobalWA members based in the greater Seattle area.

“Not only the presentations are wonderful, these workshops give us the opportunity to get to know and network with other communication coordinators in this sector.” said Jenna Swalin, Communications Coordinator at Initiative for Global Development. She added “Although participants are from diverse background and different starting points, presenters did a great job in addressing participants’ need!” Alison Dvaladze, Assistant Director for Outreach & Independent Consultant at Jackson school of international studies, University of Washington pointed out that “using the case studies and practical examples was super useful to understand the concept and learn how to implement it in practice!”

The “Dr. Is In” series on Fundraising will start on May. The first two sessions are “Building a Fundraising Plan & Case for Support” on May 10 and “Motivating Individual Donors: Building a Loyal Base of Donors” on May 14. Visit Global Washington’s website for the full list and to register for a session.