Celebrating International Women’s day with a local non-profit

In Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia, girls from poor families have little or no opportunity for education

Edmonds couple Bill and Pat Taylor weren’t expecting a holiday to Bali in 2005 to lead to saving the futures of hundreds of children.

They visited an orphanage of 65 girls in Indonesia and ended up sponsoring two of them.

After a return trip a year later, the Taylors sought out sponsors for the other children, calling on friends to get involved.

A few years and 23 sponsors later, the two realized there was still more they could do and founded the Bill & Pat Bali Fund with a mission to break the cycle of poverty in Indonesia.

Their latest and largest initiative, the SE Asia Children’s Foundation, was created in 2010 to fund even more orphanages throughout the region. They currently have seven ongoing projects in Thailand, with plans to expand to Cambodia.

The SE Asia Children’s Foundation works to eliminate poverty in Southeast Asia by empowering women, children, and especially girls.

Celebrating International Women’s Day with a local non-profit
http://edmondsbeacon.villagesoup.com/ |  Juliana Thong, Global Washington | February 17, 2013