Take Action to Advocate for the International Affairs Budget

Tell Senator Murray now: Protect the International Affairs Budget! As co-chair of Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (aka the “Supercommittee”) Washington Senator Patty Murray is in a powerful position to influence the recommendations the committee makes, by November 23, 2011, for at least $1.5 trillion in additional deficit reduction steps. Sign onto a letter to her to advocate for the International Affairs Budget.

The non-profit global development world is responding with a strong voice. Over 125 organizations (including Global Washington and eight Global Washington members) signed onto a letter to the Congressional leadership and the Joint Committee members supporting the International Affairs Budget.

Global Washington and Oxfam have prepared a similar letter to Senator Murray, both as the senior Senator from the State of Washington, and in her role as co-chair of the committee, to be signed by organizations based in Washington State. Would your organization like to be part of the action? Send your organization’s name and the name of the individual signing on the organization’s behalf to Bookda@GlobalWA.org, and we will add your organization to the list of signers. Act quickly! We will send the letter by the Joint Committee’s deadline for input: October 14, 2011.

If you would like to send your own letter to Senator Murray, you can visit the Global Action Day website, and click on the “Advocate” button. Global Washington and several of its members are sponsoring the Global Action Day Campaign. 11.1.11 is Global Action Day. Global Action Day has been proclaimed by the mayor of Seattle as the day when we recognize the accomplishments, innovation and impact of Washington State’s growing global development sector. Global Day Action is also an opportunity for Washingtonians to learn about, support and join the more than 140 members of Global Washington who are working to create jobs at home and impact lives abroad by reducing disease, providing educational opportunities and strengthening communities and economies around the world.

Stay tuned for the Supercommittee’s recommendation by November 23, and the Congress’ “up or down” vote by December 23.