Grameen Foundation To Compete For A $200,000 Unrestricted Grant

The Grameen Foundation was selected by Members Project® from American Express and TakePart to compete for a $200,000 unrestricted grant to support our work. You may have seen the commercials for this contest on television or online. The group with the most online votes wins so I’m asking for your personal support. (You do not need to be an American Express cardholder to register and vote.)

Will you please vote once a week for the duration of the competition and ask your contacts to do the same? It lasts 12 weeks from May 31 to August 22. You can:

  1. Register and vote for Grameen Foundation at the TakePart website today. Download this calendar event to be reminded each week.
  2. Forward this email to family and friends. In order to be eligible to vote, you must be 18 years of age and based in the United States.
  3. Use the Share button on their group page to easily share our page. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and repost the weekly updates to your networks.

Thanks for your support of this effort. If you think of other ways you might be able to work with us or want to learn more about our work, please let me know. I’d love to reconnect with you soon.

Vote for Grameen Foundation & help us win $200K!