Drawing Support for the FY 2011 International Affairs Budget

As Congress examines and discusses the President’s Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Request, we are about to enter a pivotal three week period in which Congress will set the spending parameters with the annual budget resolution. Engaging now is our best opportunity to ensure that Congress supports the President’s International Affairs Budget. Over the coming weeks it is crucial that key members of the Senate hear from their constituents through phone calls and in-state meetings.

We need our members and supporters to reach out to Senator Patty Murray’s office and ask that she support the International Affairs Budget. Also, we are working with the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition to establish a meeting with the Senator during the coming Congressional Easter recess (March 29th-April 9th). Please let us know if you are able and would like to attend a meeting during this period.

As a member of both the Budget and Appropriations Committees, Senator Murray has a significant role in determining the amount of funding for the International Affairs Budget and influencing other Members of Congress. Assuring Senator Murray’s support of the President’s request will be critical to guarantee a strong International Affairs Budget.