Dwankhozi Hope: A Comprehensive Approach to Education

We know that people need sufficient supplies of food, water and shelter for basic survival. But to increase opportunities and improve overall quality of life, the basics are often not enough. This is the fundamental idea behind Dwankhozi Hope, a Seattle-based organization and Global Washington member that works to help Zambian families better the Dwankhozi community – not only through necessities such a clean [Read more]

Unsustainable Practices: Overfishing

It’s widely recognized that environmental issues can have detrimental effects on economies. These can, at times, be difficult to observe beyond statistics and researched predictions, but one current issue has already created significant and observable effects. This is the problem of overfishing.

The figures surrounding this issue are somewhat staggering. According to the UN, 17% of fish stocks worldwide are overexploited. 52% are fully exploited, [Read more]

Lessons on Advocacy: August Roundtable Recap

Jonathan Scanlon, Senior Advocacy Advisor for Oxfam America, was the featured speaker at Global Washington’s August Executive Director Roundtable. As befits his title, advocacy – ways to partner, calls for help and how to bring attention to the situations that need it in this world – was the theme.

Oxfam, the worldwide development organization, was founded in 1942 in Britain. Short for the Oxford Committee [Read more]

Feeding a Growing Planetary Population has its Challenges and Champions

Establishing a food-secure world is one of the major challenges at the forefront of international development as the pressures of population growth, climate change and urbanization have steadily increased. The World Health Organization maintains that food security exists “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life.” This includes both physical and economic access [Read more]

International AIDS Conference 2014: Stepping Up the Pace

For Michael Sidibe, Executive Director of UNAIDS, an AIDS- free world should look like this:

  • Voluntary testing and treatment for everyone, everywhere.
  • Each person living with HIV achieving viral suppression.
  • No one dies from an AIDS-related illness or is born with HIV.
  • People living with HIV live with dignity, protected by laws and are free to move and live anywhere in the world.

That world [Read more]

Demographics of Youth in Sub-Saharan Africa

July 11 was World Population Day and no region of the world is feeling the impact of demographic change like sub-Saharan Africa. More than half of the growth predicted by 2050 is expected in this region, where the number of people is set to more than double, from 1.1 billion to 2.4 billion. Within the same period, Nigeria’s population is expected to surpass that of [Read more]

Using Data to Tell Your Story with Impact: July’s Executive Director Roundtable Wrap-Up

Kevin Klingbeil knows data. As managing director of Big Water Consulting, a Global Washington member, he works with a range of clients, from small non-profits to government agencies to tribal groups, to assist them with incorporating meaningful data and visual data mapping into their daily operations.

“Big Water Consulting seeks to provide long-term, capacity-building solutions, rather than one-off projects and quick fixes to systematic [Read more]

Oxfam to Launch Global Initiative on Inequality This Fall

Most people know the big international anti-poverty organization Oxfam for its work on global food security and finding ways to feed the estimated 1 billion undernourished people on our planet. It brings its work on social justice, disaster relief and foreign aid reform to bear on this problem and others.

This November, Oxfam will add the broad topic of “inequality” to its global portfolio of [Read more]

Dreams for Orphans: Love, Safety and Security

How often should a seven-year old have to worry about their health or education? While these factors are often taken for granted, they can radically change the course of a child’s life. Dreams for Orphans, a new GlobalWA member, is a Seattle-based NGO that focuses on providing safe environments and educational opportunities for orphans in Accra, Ghana. Through improved education and stable living conditions, [Read more]

Nations Meet in UK to Take Strong Stance Against Sexual Violence in Conflict

The largest international gathering ever brought together on the subject of ending sexual violence during times of conflict was held June 10-13 in London under the auspices of the United Kingdom’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office. About 1,000 participants representing more than 120 countries attended the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.

“Together, we committed to break the taboo around wartime rape and [Read more]

Things to Consider: Fossil Fuel Divestment

Divestment – as in, divestment from fossil fuel industries – is a relatively hot topic nowadays. It’s sometimes difficult to determine whether the prevalence of the debate is limited to liberal-leaning groups or if the conversation is a broader one. But with the recent success of the divestment movement at Stanford University, it’s evident that momentum is gaining. And, knowing the consequences of climate [Read more]

Preparing For Your Next Trip Abroad? Don’t Forget a Contingency Plan

On June 12, Global Washington, in partnership with Emirates Airlines and Port of Seattle, hosted a panel discussion with representatives from four of its travel-savvy member organizations to talk strategy on how to effectively plan for a staff or donor trip abroad.

The conversation, moderated by Bruce Beckman, Senior Sales Executive of GlobalWA member Emirates, covered topics ranging from safety and security of travelers [Read more]