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Supporting Women’s Rights in an “Open World”

Group photo

Michele Frix, Janelle Cavanagh, Musimbi Kanyoro and Kristin Dailey

By Michele Frix, Chief of Staff, Seattle Foundation

“We’ve opened our eyes to the problems of the world… we are not going back from an open world, and we are not afraid to stand for women’s leadership.”

Seattle Foundation and Global Washington were honored to recently host Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro, CEO of the Global Fund for Women, for a roundtable discussion about the importance of supporting women-led organizations around the world, especially relevant given the current global socio-political climate. Read More

The Courage to Persist: Standing Firm in Support of Women’s Opportunities Globally

Co-Hosted by Global Washington and Sahar

Sahar event

On March 23rd 2017, Global Washington co-hosted an issue briefing with Sahar, addressing some of the challenges facing global women’s empowerment in the current US political climate. Titled “The Courage to Persist: Standing Firm in Support of Women’s Opportunities Globally”, the talk was led by Sahar Afghan Fellow, Malahat Mazaher and Sahar Board Member, Kelsey Noonan and moderated by Ginna Brelsford, Sahar Executive Director.

There were over fifty people in attendance – we had representatives from many different organizations, including Landesa, Camber Collective, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Women’s Enterprises International. Read More