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Life in Fragile States and the Effects of Mass Migration

Panel discussion

On September 14, Global Washington hosted a panel discussion on mass migration and its effect on our world. Resat Kasaba, Director, Stanley D. Golub Chair of International Studies for UW’s Jackson School moderated the panel. Participants included Anne Peterson, Senior Vice President of Global Programs for Americares; Jonathan Scanlon, Senior Advocacy Advisor for Oxfam America; and Nicky Smith, Executive Director of IRC Seattle. The speakers addressed their leadership in regards to the crisis, and how their organizations are tackling the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Read More

Nola’s Journey: What It’s Like to Flee Your Home

It’s terrifying and painful to imagine our neighborhoods and communities turning into areas where kidnappings, rapes, and looting are a constant threat. However, this scenario became a reality for Nola. Nola recounted to Medical Teams International a glimpse into what forced her to flee her home in South Sudan, “Soldiers wait outside your house leaning on a tree, and then when you go out to use the bathroom they take you away.” Nola knew her family had to escape to Uganda.


Read the full article on the Medical Teams International Blog. Read More

YPIN Global Cafe: Social Media and Global Relations


On Tuesday, July 26 at Rendezvous in Belltown, young professionals gathered to discuss the impact of social media in their lives as well as its impact on global relations. Attendees wrestled with questions of how social media is affecting media, politics and security, with a few lighter moments touching on Pokémon Go and Tinder. The discussion was part of YPIN’s Global Cafe Series. YPIN is the World Affairs Council’s Young Professionals International Network and its Global Cafe Series was created to engage participants in critical discussions about today’s leading global challenges. Read More