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The Global Struggle for LGBT Equality


AFP: Hoang Dinh Nam, file photo

For far too long, the international development community has seemed to ignore those who do not fit socially prescribed gender and sexual roles, leaving them to endure social and legal persecution. To holistically combat global poverty, development practitioners must address the often violent forms of repression plaguing the LGBT community.

On May 13, the University Of Washington’s Jackson School of International Studies, a Global Washington member, collaborated with Crosscut and the World Affairs Council to host a panel on the global struggle for LGBT equality. Global Washington was a promotional partner for the lively discussion. Read More

Nepal Snapshot: After Quake, Orphans Return Outside

Nepal is a country on edge.

For the second time in less than three weeks, people have taken to the streets to sleep. Buildings have been destroyed. People have died.

Tuesday’s 7.4-magnitude quake dashed hopes that the aftershocks were over and that Nepal could rebuild in earnest. People remain nervous about where and how to live – whether they should gamble on returning inside, or brave the elements outside.

Many of Nepal’s young people, however, are trying to make the best out of a tense situation.

At the ROKPA Children’s Home, an orphanage in Kathmandu, the kids have shown amazing resolve in the face of a difficult situation. The orphanage is run by a nonprofit organization that also runs the guesthouse that serves as Medical Teams International’s in-country base.

The orphans of ROKPA Chidren's Home camp outside following Tuesday's quake in Nepal.

The orphans of ROKPA Chidren’s Home camp outside following Tuesday’s quake in Nepal.

After Tuesday’s quake, the children were rushed from next door to ROKPA Guesthouse’s backyard, where tents and cooking stations were quickly arranged. This was a repeat of what happened after the April 25 earthquake, when the kids were forced to do the same thing. Read More

Nepal Earthquake: Washington State Organizations React Quickly to Provide Relief

nepalOn April 25, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck 50 miles outside of Nepal’s densely populated capital city of Kathmandu and the government quickly declared a state of emergency. Washington state responded quickly with a number of Global Washington members rushing to help victims of the quake by providing lifesaving supplies and services, medical assistance and shelter.

The World Health Organization estimates that for every 10,000 people in Nepal there are only two physicians and 50 hospital beds. Three GlobalWA groups — The Adara Group, Medical Teams International and UNICEF — are staffing mobile health units which are traveling the treacherous mountain terrain to provide pivotal healthcare to people in remote parts of the country. Read More