Dr. Is In Session: David Wu (PATH) and Peter Drury (Splash)

Motivating individual donors: Building a loyal base of donors

By Anna Jensen-Clem

This afternoon’s wide-ranging discussion of fundraising came down to two basic (and opposing) points: a donor’s experience can be transactional or transformational. Your donors can give a one-time gift out of obligation or the desire to see an immediate return, or you can foster a long-term relationship with them and witness your organization transform their lives. Clearly, the latter is ideal, and better for everyone involved.

Some highlights of the nearly-two hour discussion:

All of the attendees spoke about their own work in finding and keeping donors, and the topics listed above each came up organically in the course of a casual conversation. For information on upcoming GlobalWA events, please visit our website: http://globalwa.org/convene/global-washington-events/.