Episode 12: A Conversation with Anjali Makhija, Trustee and Chief Executive Officer at S.M. Sehgal Foundation

I had the great pleasure of being able to visit the Sehgal Foundation headquarters in Gurugram, India and speak with Anjali Makhija, Trustee and CEO of the S.M. Sehgal Foundation. In this episode we learn more about the incredible work the Sehgal Foundation is doing in rural India. The way they are empowering women and improving small-holder farming are standards that all nonprofits working in these sectors can follow and learn by. I was also able to make a couple of site visits while I was there, and it was truly enlightening and inspirational. Nothing like seeing the work first-hand! You can read about my experience and view a couple videos on our website - visit www.globalwa.org and simply search for "Sehgal Foundation."