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Banking on Women: Financing the Future of Economic Growth

By Annie O’Donnell


“Banking on Women” – a joint event, organized by Global Washington and the World Affairs Council, held at the Rainier Club on May 10, 2018. Photo: Andie Long/Global Washington.

“It’s really a no-brainer,” says Saara Romu, founder of Selkea, explaining the benefits of financial inclusion for women in global development. Not only does it increase countries’ GDP growth, but it improves the overall well-being of families and communities in developing countries.

Investing in women has repeatedly shown to be the fastest way to impact communities and increase ROI. For this reason, development organizations, the private sector, and policy makers are focusing on deliberate efforts to create access to financial markets for women.

A panel of distinguished women in the field of financial inclusion convened at the Rainier Club on May 10th through an event co-hosted by Global Washington and the World Affairs Council of Seattle. Read More

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VillageReach is on a mission to solve complex health-care delivery challenges in low- and middle-income countries. They’re all about the “last mile” – not just reaching it, but starting there.

The phrase “last mile” might be more familiar to some in the context of telecommunications, in which it describes the final leg that networks have to span to get their services to end-users.

“That final segment…is the most critical, but also the most challenging and expensive piece of the value chain,” VillageReach President Emily Bancroft explained. “But if the systems don’t work for people at the last mile, they have limited value.”

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USAID awards VillageReach $14.7 million for Last Mile Supply Chain Project

VillageReach has been awarded $14.7 million by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to strengthen the last mile supply chain in Mozambique. This 5-year cooperative agreement will support the development of a more streamlined and effective distribution system to address chronic logistics and transport challenges at the local level.

“We know how to improve health and save lives with existing treatments, but often they aren’t available where they are needed most,” said Emily Bancroft, President of VillageReach. “This new award will allow us to work with our partners to implement new approaches that make sure that everyone in Mozambique has access to the medicines and diagnostics they need.”

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