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A Time of Opportunity and Crisis

25yearsNearly three billion people live in areas of the world where the rights of LGBTIQ individuals are abused. While LGBTIQ rights are gaining visibility and people in all walks of life are better understanding the importance of these rights, there is a battle to be fought and this is only the beginning.

OutRight Action International, a GlobalWA member, is on the frontlines of this fight. OutRight is dedicated to worldwide human rights advocacy for those who experience discrimination because of their perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender or expression. Jessica Stern, OutRight’s Executive Director based out of the New York headquarters, led the April 28 GlobalWA Executive Director Roundtable. Amie Bishop, Co-Chair of OutRight’s board and a Seattle resident, joined her at the table, along with Ashton Giese, OutRight’s Development Associate. Read More

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Global Partnerships Invests in Opportunity

People in store at scale.Seattle-based Global Partnerships is an impact-led investor whose mission is to expand opportunity for people living in poverty. They invest in social enterprises in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa that deliver market-based products and services that empower people to earn a living, provide for the basic needs of their families, and improve their lives.

One of these social enterprises is Friendship Bridge, a nonprofit organization that empowers impoverished Guatemalan women to create a better future for themselves through microfinance and education using a village bank model. Village bank members gather on a regular basis to make deposits and to review outstanding business loans used to finance such things as restocking inventory for a grocery store, buying bulk food items for a restaurant, or expanding a business space.Read More

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After the Earthquake: One Year Later

By Splash, a GlobalWA member organization

April 25, 2016 marks the 1-year anniversary of the 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake — the first in a series of tremors — that devastated the Kathmandu Valley.

The day after the first earthquake, Splash staff in Nepal began surveying the damage at their partner schools, realizing they were the first relief aid to arrive. “The schools were very amazed,” said Kriti Baidya, a Partner Support Coordinator at Splash Nepal. Not one of Splash’s hard-wired water filtration systems had been permanently damaged. “The Splash team was at the school giving a hygiene training to the children [when the second earthquake, a 6.7 magnitude tremor, struck on April 26, 2015]. We faced the earthquake in the school itself.” Kriti recalled. It was lucky that the first, and most powerful, earthquake had hit on a Saturday when schools were not in session.

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