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Challenging Default Mindsets

Rena Singer

Rena Singer was the featured speaker at Global Washington’s October 12 Executive Director Roundtable.

“The ultimate goal of communication is to facilitate a change in behavior rather than merely to disseminate information.” Easier said than done. But after six years as Landesa’s Global Communications Director and a long journalistic career, Rena Singer started her own strategic communications consulting agency and now stresses that often. She mentioned it on October 12 while leading Global Washington’s latest Executive Director Roundtable.

Singer connects brain science, communication and culture. Knowing how to best grab an audience’s attention means understanding the science behind the inner workings of the brain. Singer sited The Narrative Project in her presentation. The Narrative Project interviewed over 1,000 people in the US, UK, France and Germany. They wanted to know if attitudes regarding global development were negative or positive, generally speaking. They asked questions like, “Do poor countries tend to stay poor?” and “Over the past 20 years has foreign aid made a difference?” Over 70% of respondents answered negatively. Singer went on to share tips on how to challenge and reverse this inherent cynicism, and promote optimism within the global development sector. Read More

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World Justice Project

WJP Chief Research Officer Alejandro Ponce provides highlights of the Rule of Law Index results, measuring how well countries adhere to their own laws.

WJP Chief Research Officer Alejandro Ponce provides highlights of the Rule of Law Index results, measuring how well countries adhere to their own laws.

The World Justice Project works to create a more level playing field, starting with the system of laws that determine people’s access to opportunity and equity. “Rule of law” is defined as a system with four universal principles: government, private entities and individuals must be held accountable; laws must be clear, public and equitable; laws must be administered fairly and efficiently; and justice must be delivered by competent and ethical individuals who have the resources to protect their communities. Read More

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Op-Ed: Refugee Reality Check

By Bill Clapp, co-founder of Global Washington and Seattle International Foundation
and Dan O’Neill, co-founder of Mercy Corps

Mideast Jordan Syrian refugees daily life

More than 65 million people today, more than one out of every hundred on the planet, are on the run as refugees or otherwise displaced from their homes and communities. More than half are children.

These are stunning numbers, representing a refugee crisis the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since World War II. But this crisis also represents an opportunity for all of us living in comparative safety and wealth to take actions that truly embody our values and responsibilities as global citizens.

Read more at Humanosphere.

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