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Roundtable Recap: A Discussion with Kentaro Toyama

Roundtable Recap - A Discussion with Kentaro ToyamaOn June 24, Global Washington members gathered to meet Kentaro Toyama and discuss his new book, Geek Heresy: Rescuing Social Change from the Cult of Technology. An award-winning computer scientist and co-founder of Microsoft Research India, Toyama spent more than a decade designing technologies meant to address education, health and global poverty before coming to a radical conclusion. “Even in an age of amazing technology, social progress depends on human changes that gadgets can’t deliver,” says Toyama. This conclusion is the crux of his book, in which he argues that technology is not the solution to society’s greatest ills. Read More

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Mountain Safety Research

featured-org-msr-3-350pxTruly successful public-private partnerships are hard to come by for a variety of reasons. So when one works, it’s a big deal. Especially if it involves the military, two foundations, an industry association, two global NGOs and an outdoor gear manufacturing company. In 1998, Global Washington member Mountain Safety Research (MSR) was granted government funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to miniaturize the municipal electro-chlorinator technology to a man-portable, individual scale water treatment system. Almost 20 years later, after support from the U.S. Marine Corps to improve the ease-of-use of the concept, now usable by untrained operators, this same technology is increasing access to safe water for people who live in low resource communities. Read More

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Seattle company working to do good with ‘experteering’

SEATTLE — Jaime Van Horn is a corporate strategist that had a desire to use her skills for a good cause. While searching online, she stumbled upon a website she thought would be a match for that she needed.

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