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Elizabeth Gabrieli

When she married, Elizabeth Gabrieli’s husband paid 20 head of cattle for her wedding dowry. Raised in a remote village of Kyagata Mara Province of Tanzania, Elizabeth grew up helping her family keep goats and sheep. Elizabeth was born in 1955, on a different continent, one year after me. Our lives took different courses, yet today we work together empowering women in the community through the teaching of leadership and business skills.

When Elizabeth’s husband died she was left as the sole support for 6 children and her mother. Elizabeth supported the family through farming with the help of her children. As her circumstances improved she saved and invested in other businesses. Through the sales of baked goods, charcoal, vegetables such as tomatoes and onions, and homemade charcoal she supported her children and ensured their health and education.

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Agros International

By Amanda Pain

Photo: Agros

Photo: Agros

Today 10.7 percent of the global population lives in extreme poverty. While this percentage has fallen since 1990 it has not fallen equitably with many of the world’s poor being women due to gender inequality and lack of economic opportunities. Agros International, a non-profit based in Seattle, has been working for 33 years to help the most vulnerable people find a path to prosperity, and are part of a global push to empower women.

Founded in 1984 by Chi-Dooh “Skip” Li, Agros International’s mission is to see rural poor families own agricultural land, attain economic self-sufficiency, realize their God-given potential and pass on to the future generations the values and resources that enable them to flourish. What started with building one village in Guatemala has become an established program working in 43 communities across Central America, and has helped more than 10,000 individuals escape extreme poverty.

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Grameen Foundation and Freedom from Hunger Join Forces to Form a Unified Global Organization

New organization to combine power of digital technology to end poverty with robust networks of women’s self-help groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America

Grameen Foundation LogoWASHINGTON October 25, 2016 — Grameen Foundation and Freedom from Hunger, two global leaders in the fight to end poverty, announced today that they are joining forces to form a single unified global organization.

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