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5 elements of a healthy nonprofit graphicMore and more voices from within philanthropy are arguing that funders need to stop directing the specific uses of their funds and provide general operating grants. Despite studies that show this to be the most effective type of funding, the percentage of general operating grants has been stagnant for the last 10 years.

The narrow channels for money into our sector cause nonprofits to be underfunding administrative and fundraising staff and infrastructure (finance and HR systems, technology, databases, etc.).

General operating grants allow organizations to build organizational capacity and program effectiveness by improving administrative processes that are essential to program success. Nowhere is the capacity conundrum clearer than with evaluation. Funders increasingly expect organizations to have complex data analysis and impact metrics to demonstrate their effectiveness. However, they are often unwilling to provide funding for the administrative staff, evaluation consultants, databases, and infographics needed for robust reporting. Read More

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Medical Teams International

Medical Teams International supplies.Medical Teams International (MTI), a global health, relief and development agency, was founded in 1979 by Oregon businessman Ron Post. While Post had no medical background, he felt compelled to help alleviate the mass suffering of Cambodian refugees fleeing genocide. Over the years, MTI has continued to expand and reach people in need around the globe. Read More

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Activists Launch Campaign to Fight Power of Richest 1%

Some heavy-hitting activists have joined the fight against the power held by the global 1 percent. ActionAid, Greenpeace, Oxfam and Civicus launched a new campaign that calls attention to the negative impact the world’s most powerful have on the environment and global poverty. Much like the Occupy Wall Street Protesters, the groups argue that the distribution of power must shift to realize a better world.

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