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Careers in International Development

By Riya Mehta, Stanford in Government Fellow at Landesa

Panel on Careers in International Development (Photo: Colleen O’Holleran / Landesa)

On June 19, 2017, Global Washington partnered with Landesa to lead a panel discussion on careers in international development for the third year in a row. The event provided an opportunity for students and experienced professionals alike to learn more about Washington’s international development community and the best ways to navigate the international non-profit sector.

The event was moderated by Melissa Merritt, Vice President of Executive Search practice at Waldron, a Seattle-based consulting organization. Panelists included Jodi-Ann Burey, Andie Long, and Heidi Peterson, three professionals who all work for Seattle-based international development organizations. Burey is a Health Systems Associate at VillageReach; Peterson is the Executive Director at Mobility Outreach International; and Long currently serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications for Global Washington.
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Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands (PPGNHI)

By Heidi Breeze-Harris

In Vietnam, a group of peer educators create signs with messages about sexual and reproductive health for a large educational event.

In Vietnam, a group of peer educators create signs with messages about sexual and reproductive health for a large educational event. (Credit: Susan Steckler/PPGNHI).

Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands (PPGNHI) provides reproductive health care services and education to people in Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho and Western Washington— the largest geographic region of any Planned Parenthood affiliates in the United States. Since 2001, PPGNHI’s Global Programs have circled the globe, reaching Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Global Programs has offered funding and technical assistance to projects in low-resource settings including Cameroon, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Laos, and Vietnam.
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Mercy Corps Tells Congress Urgent Action Is Needed In Four Famine-Threatened Countries

South Sudan Country Director Deepmala Mahla Testifies Before Senate Panel

WASHINGTON, DC – With an estimated 81 million people in need of emergency assistance because of severe food insecurity, Congress must act now to prevent famine and save lives, urges Deepmala Mahla, South Sudan Country Director for the global organization Mercy Corps. In testimony to a Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee hearing on the matter, Mahla proposes Congress enact new policies in three areas: funding, diplomacy, and resilience and peacebuilding.

Mahla’s appearance comes as Mercy Corps and seven other leading U.S.-based relief organizations launch the Global Emergency Response Coalition, the first-of-its-kind U.S. humanitarian alliance, formed to raise awareness and funds to address needs in 10 famine-threatened countries.

In her testimony, Mahla suggests that without decisive action, an already distressing situation could become even worse. “Man-made causes are driving famine and food insecurity, including a deadly mix of conflict, marginalization, displacement, violent extremism and climate change,” she says. “These massive multi-country humanitarian crises will have far-reaching impacts on security and stability in already volatile regions of Africa and the Middle East.”

Specifically, Mahla calls on Congress to provide urgently needed assistance and allow humanitarian access to populations in need. She also recommends full-scale diplomatic efforts among the United States and its key allies to ensure a quick and peaceful end to conflict. And, Mahla speaks of the importance of investing in programs that address the root causes of conflict and violence to build resilience in the stricken countries.

The threat of famine is particularly severe in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen. In all four countries and elsewhere, Mercy Corps is already working with local partners to quickly deliver food, water, sanitation supplies and other necessities.

Read or download Mahla’s prepared remarks here.

Learn more about the Global Emergency Response Coalition and join us and support Mercy Corps’ work in South Sudan and elsewhere in the world.

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