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The Heart of the Congo: Where Even Coca-Cola Doesn’t Get To

canoe in the DRCMany people in global health talk about how Coca-Cola supply chain practices could be applied and adapted to health commodities to ensure that vaccines, malaria treatment, family planning commodities, and many more essential medicines are available at the last mile health facilities. And they have a point—I have seen Coca-Cola in pretty much every village I’ve been to in Africa throughout my almost 20 years of going to these remote places.

However, that cannot be said for the south part of the Equateur Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read More

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OperationMillions of people throughout the world suffer from corneal blindness — the loss of sight caused by damage to the surface of the eye. Those living in developing countries are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of blindness. It can rob adults of economic autonomy as job opportunities for the blind in the developing world are often nonexistent. Children who can’t see the blackboard in school often receive little support and drop out. Blind adults and children can become isolated from their communities, and this often leads to feelings of shame and inadequacy. Read More

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Seattle Humanitarian Group Removing Bombs, Planting Trees in Vietnam

A Seattle-based humanitarian group called Peace Trees Vietnam has been sending local civilian volunteers and veterans to Vietnam. They are helping Vietnamese deminers safely remove and deactivate bombs left over from the war and helping villagers replant the land.

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