What do the Zambian economy and a volcano eruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo have in common?

What do the Zambian economy and a volcano eruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo have in common?

ZambiaApparently nothing. However at Global Washington there is a regular combination of cultures and information sharing taking place where people, creativity, and cross-cutting ideas can come together and make the most unlikely connections. On Thursday, April, 28, 2011, Global Washington hosted Mr. Alfred Chioza is the Deputy Ambassador of Zambia in Washington D.C and Maisha Soul, a musical group from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Zambian government’s efforts and results in creating attractive economic investments frameworks, as well as the country’s successes in economic development were mentioned by the speaker.  The audience was invited to invest in agriculture, water resources, raw materials extractions, mining, tourism, health and education. Many participants at the event mentioned that they visited Zambia before and were already working in these areas or are planning to in the future.

ZambiaMaisha Soul is a band from the Democratic Republic of whose name means “soul of life”. They sang a number of songs in a mix of Swahili, English, and French. The message of the music written and performed by the four young brothers is a call for peace, promotion of brotherhood, equality, human rights, and freedom. The group was formed in 2002 after the volcanic eruption in Goma, when many people from Congo, including the performers, were in refugee camps. By that time they became a voice of hope in the middle of despair their country has struggled with for decades. The group was sponsored by HEALAfrica, a member organization of Global Washington.

Global Washington’s mission to convene, advocate, and strengthen the international development sector here in the state, with an emphasis on the sectors of Global Health, Global Education, Environmental Sustainability, and Poverty Alleviation.  As numerous international visitors come to Seattle to meet with businesses, policy makers, and educational institutions, Global Washington supports its members in organizing events like this to make the visitors accessible to the community of NGO’s, foundations, and individuals dedicated to all aspects of global development.

Liuba Ceban