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Om Prasad Gautam, Senior WASH Manager at WaterAid UK

By Penny Carothers Dr. Om Prasad Gautam, Senior WASH Manager, WaterAid. Dr. Om Prasad Gautam was a handwashing champion before any of us had heard of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. And while he’s... Read More →

Amanda Klasing, Human Rights Watch Acting Co-Director, Women’s Rights Division

By Penny Carothers Growing up in South Texas close to a fluid border, Amanda Klasing saw deep inequality firsthand and wanted to do something about it from an early age. From a deeply religious family... Read More →

Goalmaker: Love (and Abundance) in the Age of Climate Change

By Amber Cortes Janet and Semi Lotawa in Fiji. Photo provided by Janet Lotawa. The climate is already changing, and it’s getting urgent. You could look at it this way—there is scarcity, there is instability,... Read More →

Values and value chains: Pierre Ferrari reflects on how his childhood shaped his approach to global development

By Amber Cortes Growing up, Pierre Ferrari felt like he was living two lives. “One is the colonial elite prestige life, and being protected, and having servants. And the other, of course, is the reality... Read More →

Mahnaz Javid: President & CEO, Mona Foundation

By Amber Cortes Mahnaz Javid poses with a student at The Association for Cohesive Development of the Amazon (ADCAM), located in Manaus, the capital city of the State of Amazonas, Brazil. Since 2006, Mona... Read More →

Veronica Fynn Bruey, Affiliated Faculty Member at Seattle University School of Law

By Amber Cortes Photo provided by Veronica Fynn Bruey. “Freedom,” Jean-Paul Satre once wrote, “is what we do with what is done to us.” Professor, lecturer, and award-winning scholar, Veronica... Read More →

Alejandro Grajal, President and CEO of Woodland Park Zoo

By: Arielle Dreher While politicians and celebrities alike routinely rally communities to save the planet, other not-as-obvious, yet incredibly influential forces are already at work: zoos. Alejandro... Read More →

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