Fair Trade USA

Empowering Women, One Fair Trade at a Time

By Arielle Dreher

Fabiola Lauro

Fabiola Lauro, 33, from Imuris, Mexico, smiles inside the “Fair Trade Store”. Fabiola, a mother of two, has been working at Wholesum since 2012. Currently employed as a manager in the seedling section, she was elected as president of the Fair Trade Committee in 2016. Photo: James A. Rodriguez. © 2016 Fair Trade USA.

A thoughtful model and a little bit of encouragement is sometimes all that is needed to empower women in potentially intimidating workspaces. Or at least for Fabiola, this was the case.

Fabiola worked at a vegetable greenhouse in Sonora in northern Mexico when the farm decided to become Fair Trade certified. Fabiola, one of thousands of workers, was elected to be a representative on her farm’s Fair Trade Committee. She was shy and hesitated to speak in front of others. As a part of the committee, she received training and learned how to negotiate and represent her fellow co-workers’ concerns. Read More