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Guide to Careers in International Affairs

Written by Craig Zelizer in PCDN

Interested working in global development? PCDN blogger, Craig Zelizer, provides helpful career development tips to help you steer in the right direction of finding that perject job in international development, as well as providing countless resources and job sites to help you jumpstart your search. This article is ideal in giving you the complete overview of how to earn a successful career in international development and other related sectors.

Global Development Consulting: How to Gain the Right Experience

Written by Eliza Villarino in Devex

So how do you make that first step toward a fulfilling career in international development? What kind of experience will land you a development consulting job? Devex senior news producer, Eliza Villarino, reached out to expert recruiters from DAI, one of the world’s largest development consultancies, to answer some questions on how to build a successful career in global development consulting.

How to Turn that Volunteer Gig into a Paying Job

Written by Kate Warren in Devex

Volunteering can kickstart your career in international development, but where do you turn once your volunteer program is over? Director of Global Recruitment Services at Devex, Kate Warren, provides some useful tips for leveraging your volunteer experience to land a full-time position.

Paid vs. Unpaid Internships

Written by Kate Warren in Devex

Internships are great for building experience and connections and sometimes can lead to a job down the line. Of course a lot of us would like to earn a paid internship, but is getting paid for an internship always a good thing? Director of Global Recruitment Services at Devex, Kate Warren, discusses the debate between paid vs. unpaid internships in international development, and how earning an unpaid internship can actually offer you more than you realize.

From Corporate to Nonprofit: A Whole New World

By Eilene Zimmerman in The New York Times

College students are characterized as idealistic dreamers, but what happens when that idealism doesn’t fade away as your career progresses? Is wanting to save the world sufficient reason to leave a secure job? Zimmerman debunks some of the myths surrounding nonprofit work, and offers advice and resources for those serious about making a career change.

Build a Winning Elevator Pitch

From the Harvard Business School

Whether you’re looking to be tapped for a promotion or get approval for a new project, the ability to successfully sell yourself is essential. Sending the right message can be difficult though, especially when you have limited time; luckily, the Harvard Business School has created a web page to help you build and polish your elevator pitch. The site is formatted step-by-step, with tips and hints along the way, and offers an analysis of your finished product. Try playing around with your speech, so the next time you’re in a networking situation everything you say will be pitch perfect.

A Quick Guide to LinkedIn

Written by Mary Schumacher on Opportunity Knocks

Social media is becoming increasingly important in the workplace, but sometimes making the most of it can be overwhelming. If you’re not actively involved on various social media platforms, though, you may be missing out. For example, whether you’re an eager prospective employee or a seasoned executive, the professional networking site LinkedIn can help further your career and grow your organization. LinkedIn helps you connect with other professionals, flaunt your skills and experience, keep up-to-date on the latest industry trends, and much more. In this article, Schumacher provides a primer to get you started on the road to social media mogul.

3 Surprise Tips on Global Health Careers

Written by Kate Warren in Devex

Considering a career in global health? The work can be deeply rewarding, but it’s important that prospective employees have a clear picture of the realities and expectations their careers will entail.  Check out this article for an insider’s look at the field as health expert Alanna Shaikh dispels some of the myths and misperceptions surrounding the profession. Devex subscribers can access the full webinar via a link at the bottom of the article.

Global Career Boot Camp

Published by the Foreign Policy Association

The Foreign Policy Association recently published a toolbook for internationally-minded professionals hoping to break into the social impact field. Check out the publication for information on resume writing, top employers, expert advice, and much more. Compiled with the help of editors from Devex, the premier International Development career site, this toolbook is a valuable resource to help you explore an exciting new career.

International Development Companies among the Best Places to Work in Seattle

Written by Jessica Leslie in Global Washington Blog

The work of Remote Medical International, Greenfield Advisors, the Institute for Systems Biology, and Projectline Services is highlighted in this article after The Seattle Met declared them to be among the best employment opportunities in Seattle.

Starting a Career in International Relief and Development

Global Washington Blog

Global Washington interns compiled this meticulous resource for jump-starting your career in Development. They list the kinds of organizations, methods of hiring, different roles within non-profit organizations, and where the jobs are. She book-ends the post with useful books and websites for your browsing.

How and Why Seattle’s Do-Gooders are Working to Create a Collaborative Community

Written by Jessica Leslie in Global Washington Blog

Global Washington intern, Jessica Leslie, summarizes a series of blog posts from Humanosphere. Opportunities in Seattle to make a living in Global Development are on the rise, but that sometimes means organizations fight for funding and accidentally reproduce each other’s work. This post explains the power of collaboration as a solution to these problems.

Finding a Summer Internship in Global Health

Written by Karen Grepin in Karen Grepin’s Global Health Blog

Summer internships: “slave labor” or “valuable experience”? Grepin uses this easy-to-read post to not only explain how to find internships in the Global Health field, but the keys to finding the right ones.

How to Measure the Success of your Volunteer Program

Written by Shawn Kendrick in VolunteerMatch

This article is for all those who find themselves managing people, particularly volunteers. The impact of its work is something all non-profits strive to evaluate. Confused about where to start? Kendrick provides some beginning metrics for just this purpose.

Resume Tips for Volunteers

Written by Shawn Kendrick in VolunteerHub

Kendrick in this post accounts for volunteering as a way to develop an entirely new skill set, to keep existing skills sharp, and to find meaningful management opportunities. He also lists resume tips on highlighting talents you may not be sure you have.

Top 10 Reasons Why Volunteering Internationally Will Get You Ahead

Written by Colin Salisbury in Global Volunteer Network

Unconvinced that volunteering abroad will serve any benefit? This very detailed argument outlines 10 benefits that volunteering has produced for past volunteers and for the causes those volunteers dedicated themselves to.

Do you need a Career Coach?

Written by Meredith Deliso in Consumer Media Network

“If everyone could promote themselves, then PR agencies wouldn’t exist.” The job search, especially nowadays, often leads to a wall of silence. Employers often don’t respond to every resume application, so questions like “did they get my resume?” or “did I include the right information” often flood job seeker’s thoughts after hitting the submit button. Marketing oneself is a skill, and Deliso explains the merits of enlisting a professional in this article.