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KUOW’s Ross Reynolds Interviews Global Washington Member One By One’s Carolyn Anderman about Obstetric Fistula

Ross Reynolds interviews Carolyn Anderman, director of international programs for One By One, a Seattle-based group helping women in Africa recover from a devastating birth complication called obstetric fistula.  Affected women are often shunned in their communities for a condition that [Read more]

Depriving Women Farmers of Land Rights Will Set Back China

China is launching what is perhaps the most ambitious land registration system in history, seeking to document and protect property rights to more than one billion plots of land across the countryside.

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MovingWorlds Opens Platform to Connect Skilled Volunteers with Opportunities Worldwide

MovingWorlds today opened a new online matching service designed for people who want to travel abroad to make a difference through volunteering.

The platform is focused on what MovingWorlds calls “Experteering” – connecting people with specific skill sets to projects that could use the experience [Read more]

Ebola Crisis: UNICEF in Action

September 2014

Humanitarian Crisis: In March 2014, the Government of Guinea formally recognized an Ebola outbreak. Before long, the outbreak spread to other countries in the region including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. As of September 20, 2014, over 5,335 confirmed or probable [Read more]

Startling amount of violence faced by children – UNICEF report

Humanosphere, a Global Washington member, covers global health, poverty and inequity. They are a go-to news source for news, conversation and analysis around global development issues. In this article, they recap a recent UNICEF report on the amount of violence faced by children worldwide. UNICEF [Read more]

Martin Coles – CEO – HaloSource

Martin Coles is the CEO of HaloSouce, a Global Washington member.

By David Brett

Martin Coles is the CEO of HaloSource, the global water purification technology solutions company and one of eleven founder member companies of the Social Stock Exchange.

Coles is acutely aware of his responsibilities [Read more]