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Startling amount of violence faced by children – UNICEF report

Humanosphere, a Global Washington member, covers global health, poverty and inequity. They are a go-to news source for news, conversation and analysis around global development issues. In this article, they recap a recent UNICEF report on the amount of violence faced by children worldwide. UNICEF [Read more]

Martin Coles – CEO – HaloSource

Martin Coles is the CEO of HaloSouce, a Global Washington member.

By David Brett

Martin Coles is the CEO of HaloSource, the global water purification technology solutions company and one of eleven founder member companies of the Social Stock Exchange.

Coles is acutely aware of his responsibilities [Read more]

The Ethics of Innovation

Author Christopher Fabian co-founded and co-leads UNICEF’s Innovation Unit. This interdisciplinary, global team works to identify, adapt, and scale solutions to the most pressing issues affecting women and  children. We’re proud to have UNICEF as a Global Washington member.

By Chris Fabian [Read more]

Malawi: BuildOn to Improve Education Standards in Malawi

BuildOn runs afterschool youth service programs that mobilize urban teens to lift up their communities and change the world through intensive local community service and by building schools in some of the poorest countries on the planet. They are a movement of students, educators and communities.  [Read more]

Guest: Life for Children on the Other Side of the Border

Cesario Lobos Fajardo is a student with the NPH International Leadership Institute in Seattle. His story was told with the help of Katie Hultquist, Northwest Regional Director for NPH USA, a Global Washington member.

MANY were outraged last week over the news that up to 400 unaccompanied children [Read more]

Mission Africa on Rainmakers TV

Ndudi Chuku, Mission Africa US, discusses the needs and solutions to help the people of Nigeria.

Watch on Rainmakers TV: Watch on YouTube: [Read more]