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The recent Development World has seen some groundbreaking events that have set its current trajectory:

Many of our member organizations benefit from this focus on Global Development. Their field reports and blogs can be browsed anytime to see the effect Foreign Aid is having on the ground.

Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry

Alumni Highlight: Luke Black, MATL

Each one of our students within the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership program have been drawn to holistic leadership through a range of life experiences, with alumni taking “transformational leadership” to a variety of career applications. Luke Black, a 2012 alumnus, shares what brought him to transformational leadership. [Read more]

More Indians Than Ever Before Live Healthy, Productive Lives: Bill Gates

Bill Gates believes India is winning the fight against poverty. In an interview with Swagato Ganguly, Gates, co-chair and trustee, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, explained points from his annual newsetter, including why the eternal poverty of poor nations is a ‘harmful’ myth, how there’ll be almost no poor countries by 2035 — and huge milestones for India:

How do you see poverty reduction in India? [Read more]

NGO to Prepare Draft Land Policy for Telangana State

When it comes into being, it appears the Telangana State will have to accord a top priority to the land issues, going by the opinions of respondents of a study currently being conducted by the Landesa, an international NGO working in the field.

The necessity to give importance to land reforms stems from the surprising finding that there is a lack of knowledge on the laws or procedures pertaining to the issue not only within the communities at large but even among the Revenue officials. [Read more]

Op/Ed: Hospital of the Future Will Be a Health Delivery Network

One expert explains that, to face the future, the health care industry must do more than simply update the hospitals of the present.

To envision and build tomorrow’s hospital, one thing is clear: We’ll only get so far by re-engineering the hospital of the present. The hospital of the future will not be a hospital at all. [Read more]

Philanthropy the ‘Go-to Partner for Risk’

Philanthropy is now on the scale the likes of which the world has never seen.

Community/Politics: Helping the most vulnerable through philanthropic efforts has become incredibly advanced in the last decade, with the tools of technology, the power or human connection, systems and collaboration proving that the smartest person in the room is the collective. [Read more]

8 Inspiring Selfies from the Philippines

Oxfam invited typhoon survivors to share their self-portraits. The results aren’t what you’d expect.

Be honest: raise your hand if you haven’t taken a selfie sometime in the past year.

Hand still down? Okay, that’s what I thought.

Hey, there’s no shame in it. From world leaders to astronauts to reclusive electronic musicians, we’ve increasingly made selfies part of our shared global vocabulary. [Read more]