Organizations in Advocacy:

Big Water Consulting

Big Water Consulting is a consulting firm located in Seattle, Washington that specializes in assisting tribal, governmental, nonprofit and public interest-minded private clients in the fields of project management, data collection and utilization, policy development, technical network development and capacity building. Big Water focuses on infusing data in the analysis and discussion of equitable development issues impacting global health, education, the environment and sustainable economic development at large.

Borgen Project

The Borgen Project is the innovative, national campaign that is working to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy.

Breakthrough Partners

Breakthrough Partners operates in strategic regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America to identify and build indigenous leaders who will lead an “Inside-Out” change process to pursue transformational, sustainable solutions to profound ruin, devastation and brokenness.

Clear Path International

Clear Path International provides medical, socio-psychological and economic assistance to landmine accident survivors, their families and their communities in Asia.

Committee for Children

Committee for Children is a Seattle-based, internationally focused nonprofit organization whose vision is Safe children thriving in a peaceful world. The organization conducts research, develops educational materials, and trains educators in the use of evidence-based, teacher- and parent-friendly curricula for the prevention of child abuse and youth violence. The organization disseminates these toolkits to schools, districts, youth programs, parent educators, and other child-serving settings. Committee for Children programs are awarded the highest exemplary and model program ratings by the US Departments of Education, Health, and Justice, and given Select Program status by researchers at the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. Committee for Children’s flagship program, Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum, is taught to over 9 million children in North America and translated versions are presented to millions more children through program dissemination partners in countries around the world.

Global Family Travels

Global Family Travels’ mission is to Learn, Serve and Immerse, using travel as a means to build cultural bridges and to foster global citizens. In partnership with community-based organizations, Global Family Travels offers service learning tours for families which include a unique mix of cultural and educational activities, homestays and participation in local service projects aimed at improving the lives of people in the communities we visit.

Initiative for Global Development

The Initiative for Global Development (IGD) is an alliance of business leaders working to end global poverty. IGD addresses poverty by promoting government policies that create an environment where private enterprise can thrive and by working with business leaders to increase growth and investment in developing countries.

Laird Norton Family Foundation

The mission of the Laird Norton Family Foundation is to fund programs that honor, support, and reflect the philanthropic values of the Laird Norton family. We do this through a number of fund advisory committees, each focused on a specific area of interest. Those areas currently are clean water and sanitation in developing countries; arts in education; climate change; watershed stewardship.


Mission: Grounded in the knowledge that having legal rights to land is a foundation for prosperity and opportunity, Landesa partners with governments and local organizations to ensure that the world’s poorest families have secure rights over the land they till. Founded as the Rural Development Institute in 1967, Landesa has helped more than 100 million poor families gain legal control over their land. With secure land rights, these families can eat better, earn more, educate their children, practice conservation, and achieve dignity for generations.

Vision: We envision a world free of poverty. We see a future in which all who depend on land for their well-being have secure land rights – one of the most basic, powerful resources for lifting oneself and one’s family out of poverty.

Mangrove Action Project

The Mangrove Action Project (MAP) is dedicated to reversing the degradation and loss of mangrove forest ecosystems worldwide. Its main goal is to promote the rights of traditional and indigenous coastal peoples, including fishers and farmers, to sustainably manage their coastal environs.Through its global network and offices in the U.S. (International Office), Thailand (Asia Regional Office), Indonesia, and Latin America, MAP is stimulating the exchange of ideas and information on the conservation and restoration of mangrove forests, while promoting sustainable livelihoods for coastal communities.

Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. Mercy Corps helps people in the world’s toughest places turn the crises of natural disaster, poverty and conflict into opportunities for progress. Driven by local needs and market conditions, our programs provide communities with the tools and support they need to transform their own lives. Our worldwide team of 3,700 professionals is improving the lives of 16.7 million people in more than 40 countries.

Since 1979, Mercy Corps has provided $1.7 billion in assistance to people in 107 nations. Our global programs are supported by headquarters in North America and Europe and field offices in some of the world’s most troubled and challenging regions. Last year, we helped 16.7 million people in more than 40 countries turn crisis into opportunity.

One By One

One By One was founded in 2005 with the singular mission of contributing to the elimination of fistula worldwide. We work to increase awareness and understanding of this deeply troubling condition that affects so many women. Additionally, we partner with in-country organizations to create programs and mobilize the resources needed to support both life-transforming treatment programs and essential prevention work.

Orphans to Ambassadors

We are a young nonprofit working with orphans and sustainable technology to create cleaner futures. Not only do the technology, education, and practices give children cleaner water and food, brighter and safer energy, and more free time to be kids, we’re also creating renewable foundations in developing countries where any growth means more technology: the cleaner now the better tomorrow.

Partners Asia

Partners Asia supports community initiatives to improve the lives of the most vulnerable among the people of Myanmar. Many of these people live in unstable areas within Myanmar and along its borders, where they are at risk of displacement and exploitation. At Partners Asia, we build relationships with innovative organizers in these communities and with international donors, bridging the gap between local leaders and global resources.


PATH is an international nonprofit organization that creates sustainable, culturally relevant solutions, enabling communities worldwide to break longstanding cycles of poor health. By collaborating with diverse public- and private-sector partners, PATH helps provide appropriate health technologies and vital strategies that change the way people think and act. PATH’s work improves global health and well-being.

RenegAID Innovative Disaster Relief™

By producing innovative relief projects and programs, RenegAID(tm) is dedicated to improving people’s ability to reestablish themselves in catastrophic disaster.

School of Life Project

A Video Journal Kiosk that captures children’s views of themselves and their world annually as they grow, resulting in a time capsule of themselves growing up.
The School of Life Ambassador’s Film Project made up of 250 kids in ten countries across the world. Its aim is to develop media curriculum to let other kids know that they are not alone on the road to growing up.

Our Mission: The School of Life Project empowers kids to unleash the potential of their own stories into their own lives

Schools for Salone

Schools for Salone helps Sierra Leoneans rebuild rural schools destroyed during their country’s ten year civil war that ended in 2002. Because we believe self-initiated solutions are most effective, Schools for Salone seeks partnerships to build schools, to create healthy learning environments and to support students and teachers in Sierra Leone. We work to revitalize communities, empower children and ultimately improve socioeconomic conditions for families, communities, and future generations.

Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

Nearly 300 people strong, we’re an internationally renowned, non-profit research Institute striving every day to eliminate the world’s most devastating infectious diseases. – See more at:

Seattle International Foundation

The Seattle International Foundation (SIF) supports worldwide poverty alleviation efforts through grant-making and other activities, with a strategic focus on Central America. SIF was founded as a supporting organization to The Seattle Foundation for the purpose of increasing and enhancing international philanthropy efforts from the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle University

Seattle University is a premier educational institution that offers students unique global opportunities in higher learning, including international academic and service programs that challenge students to test the theories and analytical approaches to understanding humanity in a dynamic intercultural setting.


SightLife transforms lives by unlocking life’s possiblities for corneal blind individuals around the globe.

Working with surgeons in over 30 countries, SightLife and our partner eye banks restore sight to more than 30 men, women, and children each day. This is accomplished through eye banking, which is the recovery and placement of eye tissue used in cornea transplants.

University of Washington, The Ellison Center for Russian, East European & Central Asian Studies

We are a National Resource Center funded by the Title VI Program of the US Department of Education, promoting in-depth interdisciplinary study of all major postcommunist subregions – Eastern and Central Europe, the Baltic region, the Caucasus and Central Asia, and Russia – in order to understand the legacies of the imperial and communist past as well as to analyze the emerging institutions and identities that will shape Eurasia’s future. This mission, which flows naturally out of Professor Ellison’s longstanding commitment to building long-term, sustainable networks of cooperation with the diverse peoples of the region, is strongly and actively supported by the UW administration. We offer undergraduate degree tracks within the European Studies Major and International Studies Majors as well as a Master’s Degree in Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies; we sponsor lectures, conferences and exchanges covering the entirety of East Europe and Central Eurasia; and we sustain a dynamic program of outreach to local schools, colleges and community organizations interested in our region. With over 60 participating UW faculty, the Ellison Center represents a unique intellectual resource for faculty, students and professionals living in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Viva North America

Viva is an international Christian development charity based in UK, US, Africa, Asia, & Latin America, with a focus on children at risk. Viva’s mission is enabling people to work together to keep children at risk safe and healthy, giving them opportunities to learn and allowing them to play an active part in shaping their own futures. Website:
Children at risk include street children, orphans, and those in danger because of poverty, war, human trafficking, abandonment, abuse, slavery and exploitation.

Since its founding in 1996, Viva has developed over 40 networks in 20 countries reaching more than 1 million children at risk.

The aims of Viva are to serve primarily the large grassroots, including faith-based, response to ‘children at risk’ through the creation and support of collaborative solutions, seeking to help them:
1. Improve quality
2. Increase action
3. Influence decision makers for ‘children at risk’ globally.

The objectives of Viva are:
1. To alleviate and mitigate child poverty worldwide by enabling Christians and others to work together effectively and appropriately
2. To improve quality of life for children at risk, through training and provision of quality services that enhance their protection, development, health, education, nutrition and welfare
3. To work with children at risk, enabling them to identify their talents, achieve their potential and participate in changing their communities for good.

Viva’s thematic programs in Asia, Africa and Latin America include: Education, Safety, Health and Advocacy.

Washington Global Health Alliance

WGHA’s mission is to strengthen the community of like-minded public and private organizations in Washington committed to developing a dynamic, diverse, global health workforce through research, education, training, mentoring, and developing and delivering cutting-edge global health solutions.

Water 1st International

We envision a world free of extreme poverty. Providing people with safe water systems, latrines, and hygiene education is the first step to ending the cycle of poverty, illness, and inequality. The lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitary latrines is the top public health problem in the world and one of the primary killers of children in the world. Lack of access to clean water has a devastating effect on women and girls who are traditionally responsible for water collection.Our mission is to unite people to fight the global water crisis. We believe this worldwide, silent catastrophe will be solved when we build a community of concerned individuals and motivate and mobilize them to take simple, effective actions.Water 1st educates people about the water supply and sanitation crisis in developing countries and the need for sustainable solutions, and provides an opportunity to respond in a way that makes a lasting impact on peoples lives. The funds we raise help the poorest communities in the world implement sustainable, community-managed projects that integrate water supply, sanitation, and health education. Our international work is conducted through our network of highly qualified, locally-based, locally-staffed non-governmental partner organizations.People living in extreme poverty have many needs, but we believe water comes first. Water projects are the foundation on which strong communities are built. Through provision of sustainable water, sanitation, and health projects, our goal is to address the most fundamental issues of childhood death, poverty and gender equality.

Water for Humans

Water for Humans is a nonprofit social venture enterprise working to bring sanitation and clean water to communities in need through partnerships with local communities, NGOs, social entrepreneurs, universities and governments. These partnerships ensure clean drinking water, create local jobs and protect local water assets.

Over 884 million people in the world do not have access to potable water and over 2.5 billion lack proper sanitation. Potable water shortages and contaminated water sources are some of the leading causes of illness and death worldwide, resulting in waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and parasite infections.

World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief’s mission is to provide access to independence and livelihood through the power of bicycles.

Compared to walking, bicycles represent an enormous leap in productivity and access to healthcare, education and economic development opportunities. The simple, sustainable nature of bicycles empowers individuals, their families and their communities.

To accomplish our mission, we:

*Work with suppliers to improve bicycle design while ensuring all changes are culturally appropriate
*Enhance distribution with local sourcing, manufacturing and assembly as much as possible
*Partner with existing NGO, government and community based organizations
*Train mechanics in maintenance and repair while strengthening the existing supply of spare parts
*Measure and evaluate the impact of bicycles; communicate the results to improve programs and increase awareness