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Healing Hearts Northwest

Healing Hearts Northwest (HHNW), an organization founded by Spokane area medical personnel, performs cardiac surgeries annually in Kigali, Rwandan for patients with rheumatic heart disease and no other means of receiving these surgeries. HHNW works closely with 4 other international medical teams, providing surgeries 4 times during a year, to provide services as well as train Rwandan staff with the goal of helping to establish an independent Rwandan cardiac program. Each visit includes 16-17 open heart surgeries, as well as teaching, training and mentoring of Rwandan staff. Teaching staff to care for these complicated patients improves their skills in caring for all patients. HHNW has completed 66 surgeries on Rwandans from the age of 10 to 54 with an average age of 20. Most of these patients receive new heart valves. Our next trip is planned for October of 2015.


Waldron is the consulting partner social enterprises choose to help attract, engage, and inspire effective leaders. We provide a unique combination of executive search, leadership development and career transition services across sectors and industries. Our passion is helping people and organizations realize their full potential and increase their impact.

Seattle Foundation

The Seattle Foundation is your local, definitive resource for giving. We provide the reliable insight and tools you need to make the most of your giving. Whatever your charitable budget, we can help you give wisely and have the impact you want.

Organizational Research Services


Lumana provides financial services to rural Africans living in poverty with the mission of helping them reach their personal and financial goals.

Lumana partners with rural African women to create microfinance, business education and leadership development opportunities in their communities. Our program is run by a small staff and dozens of committed volunteers from all over the world to create better financial products(including savings opportunities) for rural African families.

Our organization was founded by a group of young leaders who had graduated from the UW business school and decided to use their skills to create world changing programs in the places that needed it most. In the past 2 1/2 years we have sent over 21 volunteers to Ghana to work for several months on projects to benefit our microfinance clients and through this program we have opened the door to many young people interested in experiencing Africa in a meaningful and productive way.

Imaging the World

Imaging the World (ITW) offers a revolutionary approach to diagnostic imaging. We provide the training protocols, technology, and network necessary for improving the health of individuals in under-resourced regions.

In just a few days, frontline healthcare workers can learn specialized ultrasound scanning techniques using basic body surface markers to generate images. These scans are sent via cell phone modems to a remote internet server, where ultrasound experts log on to analyze each scan. Life-saving diagnoses are then sent back to the rural health clinic via cell phone text messaging and email to help frontline healthcare workers manage patient care.

ITW’s low-cost, scalable, sustainable imaging model—which can help diagnose a wide range of maladies and conditions—offers hope for those who need it most.

Columbia Hospitality

At Columbia Hospitality, our mission is to inspire and empower our team to create exceptional experiences for our guests and phenomenal results for our property owners. Contact us today, and let us help you achieve success.

ChangeStream Media

ChangeStream Media’s mission is to educate, inspire and improve the social welfare of disadvantaged communities worldwide through digital media. We seek knowledge that can unlock brighter futures, and share it with a wide audience using multimedia storytelling. ChangeStream Media focuses on simple, affordable ideas offering immediate actions that can improve the standard of living for individuals and communities. In the process, we collaborate with digital media volunteers, and connect charitable organizations with the resources to help them flourish.

Global Brigades

Global Brigades (GB) is an international health and sustainable development organization empowered by student volunteers. Since 2004, GB has mobilized over 36,000 participants for skill-based programs that work in partnership with community members to improve quality of life in remote rural communities located in Ghana, Panama, Nicaragua and Honduras. GB makes impact through week-long volunteer trips where participants engage in intensive hands-on projects that provide access to water, public health, medical, business, micro-finance and many other sustainable solutions. For every volunteer GB mobilizes, the quality of life for more than thirty people is improved in targeted communities. Over the past nine years, GB’s civic-engagement initiatives have impacted more than 1,000,000 community members in Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Ghana.


Our purpose is to accelerate the sustainable growth of social ventures. We measure growth in both financial terms and social benefit impacts. Working with organizations across the for-profit and non-profit sectors, we do not advocate one structure over another, but instead, focus on the underlying principles that make any endeavor successful.

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