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World Vision

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization whose US offices are based in Federal Way, Washington, and is dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. In addition to a robust program here in the United States we work in close to 100 countries with a staff of over 45,000 employees.

Volunteering Solutions

We are an organization which provides Safe International volunteering opportunities in different countries in the field of Medical and healthcare, Childcare, teaching, women empowerment, community development, wildlife and conservation programs. We also offer International internships for medical – nursing students and professionals in hospitals as well as have dental elective placements for dental students.

Big Water Consulting

Big Water Consulting is a consulting firm located in Seattle, Washington that specializes in assisting tribal, governmental, nonprofit and public interest-minded private clients in the fields of project management, data collection and utilization, policy development, technical network development and capacity building. Big Water focuses on infusing data in the analysis and discussion of equitable development issues impacting global health, education, the environment and sustainable economic development at large.

Seattle University Education Abroad

Annually, over 500 Seattle University undergraduate and graduate students study, intern and serve abroad. A significant number of Seattle University students have been awarded Boren Scholarships, which support their study of critical languages and serve in the Peace Corps following graduation.

Dwankhozi Hope

We are an all-volunteer organization based in Seattle, supporting a school and its surrounding community in Zambia. The Dwankhozi Basic School has grown to 600 students, many of whom are orphans. Our support has included buildings, supplies, clean water, sponsorship of Teachers to become certified, sponsorship of secondary school students, an agricultural program, installation of solar power, the first launch in Zambia of a Worldreader e-reader program, and economic development/literacy programs for adults. Future goals include the opening of a medical clinic to serve the larger community.

University of Washington Center for Conservation Biology

The Center works to develop techniques to quantify change in the abundance and distribution of endangered species as well as the degree to which these species are disturbed by human pressures in remote areas. The Center supplies a combination of applied research, education, and public outreach opportunities.

Partnering for Progress

The mission of Partnering for Progress is to help provide access to health care, education, sanitation, and clean water to residents in developing countries.

Through a process of integration between Partnering for Progress volunteers and the leaders of the communities we serve, we are able to recruit, train, and support local involvement until our programs are self-sustaining.

The global need for access to health care, clean water and education is massive. Tackling this issue alone is unfathomable. Through meaningful collaboration with local, regional, and international individuals, organizations, and government agencies, Partnering for Progress is able to realize effective change.

Partnering for Progress operates with a passionate commitment to our cause, to the communities in which we work, and to our devoted volunteers.

Our donors trust us to make the most effective decisions that will ultimately lead to successful initiatives in third world countries. We take that trust very seriously. Partnering for Progress is dutifully earning a reputation for being a trusted, financially accountable, and effective organization by providing measured success and thoughtful analysis of programs.

Partnering for Progress aims to be a catalyst for change, rather than a crutch. Our goal is to enable communities to break the long-standing cycle of poverty and poor health. Through the advancement of local technology and implementing culturally relevant, locally supported projects, we aim to create a sustainable future for the people of each community we serve.

Terra GIS Ltd

Terra GIS provides expertise in Geographical Information Systems, consulting for social and environmental issues, and subjects related to sustainable development. Services include environmental research, field work and reporting, spatial analysis, cartography, implementation of web mapping and information systems, and the creation of specialized tools related to conservation, natural resources management, and public and social engagement issues.

Community Empowerment Network

Community Empowerment Network empowers rural communities in the Brazilian Amazon to become more self-reliant by:

Helping residents understand that they can solve their own problems
Strengthening the skills and resources they need to lead their communities and build sustainable livelihoods
Partnering with a wide range of organizations to remove obstacles, such as lack of energy or limited access to capital and markets, that could otherwise prevent their success

As result, communities and their residents are able to break the cycle of poverty and foster long-term, sustainable development.

Seattle University International Student Center

The Seattle University International Student and Scholar Center provides support and assistance to international students and scholars in all matters pertaining to immigration, visa status, academics, document certification, employment authorization, cultural adjustment and more. We also provide activities and programs to broaden the campus community’s cultural and global awareness.

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