Standing on the “Impact-Led Edge,” Global Partnerships Invests in Greater Gender Equity and Agricultural Livelihoods

By: Joanne Lu

Woman farmer

Woman farmer. Photo: Global Partnerships

For Global Partnerships (GP), impact at the household drives every investment. And often, that means investing in women.

GP was founded in 1994 as a grant-making nonprofit by Bill and Paula Clapp, whose vision also included the founding of Global Washington. GPs’ mission then – as it is today – is to expand opportunity for people living in poverty. Twelve years later the organization pivoted to being an impact-led investor to reach more people living in poverty.

Impact investments are made with the intention to generate positive social and environmental impact as well as a financial return. But GP isn’t just an impact investor. GPs’ Chief Impact & Research Officer, Peter Bladin, points out that the organization is an “impact-led investor.” Meaning their investments in social enterprise partners are first and foremost focused on making a sustainable positive impact in the lives of people living under $3.20 a day in sub-Saharan Africa or $5.50 a day in Latin America and the Caribbean (The World Bank’s regional poverty lines).

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